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Khalid Chashmwala, ‘23

October’s Student of the Month, Khalid Chashmawala, represents the people who are willing to work hard and make a difference in their communities, especially in difficult times like these.


When asked,” What have you done during quarantine?,” Khalid replied that “, During quarantine, my friends and I founded a nonprofit organization, Students Next Door (SND), an organization that implements programs into the community to help during these unprecedented times. These programs include personalized one-on-one tutoring, COVID testing completely free of charge, and more to come! ” 


SND’s Instagram username is @studentsnextdoor 

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By Keanu Lim

By Maryam Almahdi

By Bikram Bains

Kennedy Sit List: Things to do in Quarantine

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JFK Forum Sept Issue to Discuss:

Inviting People In vs. Leaving them Out

The Kennedy Peers Forum offers a place for people to go digitally to discuss important community issues, related to social justice.  If you want to join this forum for the next discussion on Monday, Nov. 2nd at 3PM with the topic “How the Fight for Racial Inequality Affects Mental Health” just RSVP to the link HERE

October Zodiacs

By Lauren Benson

The Neighborhood's EP, "Devil's Advocate"

Manroop Bains

The Neighborhood is an alternative rock band, consisting of, the lead singer Jesse Rutherford, guitarists Zach Abels and Jeremy Freedman, bassist Mikey Margot, and drummer Brandon Fried. The band is best known for their debut album, “I Love You”, and their lead single, “Sweater Weather”. 

They recently released an extended-play this year called “Devil’s Advocate.” It contains four songs, all of which will be featured on their upcoming album, “Chip Chrome and the Mono-Tones,” which will be released on September 25th. The band’s lead singer, Jesse Rutherford, “I’ve had the idea for Chip for about two and a half years...Obviously Bowie is a giant reference...a giant inspiration.”. 

The very first song listed, “Pretty Boy,” stands out from the rest of the songs in terms of having more background vocals. The second song listed is called “Devil’s Advocate,” along with having a rather catchy chorus, the lyrics also have some of meaning, for example, the line,  “ I’ve been moving lightspeed lightspeed lightspeed lightspeed lightspeed lightspeed lightspeed lightspeed,” represents how since the band “exploded” after releasing their most popular song, “Sweater Weather,” everything’s been moving fast, almost too fast. The third song is called “Cherry Flavoured,” the melody is minimal, slow, and it almost sounds melancholic. The last song is called, “Middle of Somewhere” where the melody is simplistic and the song itself is calming.

Overall, each song was different and special in its own way. From the meaning of the lyrics to the rhythm, and even the background vocals, “Devil’s Advocate” is a collection of songs, each different from the other, which shows the band’s versatility, when it comes to making music.

The Alchemist

Lauren Benson

What intrigues me about this book is not only the story itself, but the underlying themes and principles. This book highlights how important it is to listen to our hearts and follow our own personal legends. Santiago’s journey reminds readers that we can often let fear get in the way of pursuing our dreams, but the universe won’t let us down when we are being true to our hearts. Cohelio said, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Readers can interpret a myriad of messages to interpret in this book. The universe helped Santiago on his mission, but also tested him. The universe will conspire in one’s favor, while they follow their own personal legend, but one can’t be afraid of the challenges that come with it. Cohelio gives readers another message; love is not the end goal, love is supposed to help us reach our goals. Although The Alchemist is considered a young adult novel, this book leaves readers with ideas to think about for the rest of their lives. 

This book will make you question your own life choices. Take this book seriously, it could be life changing, it was for me. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes authors like Don Miguel Ruiz, Eckhart Tolle, or other spiritual authors. I rate this book 9/10 stars. 



Rising from the Rails

Isaac Aguirre

Rising From The Rails (2004) by Larry Tye is a widely acclaimed historical outlet of an overlooked chapter of American history and a resurrected story of a class of individuals who defied the racial restraints chained to African-Americans in the mid-eighteenth century on the railways. Pullman porters were the reformers of labor opportunities for freeman in George Pullman’s tycoon of overnight 


    find this book in the JFK library   

what have you been doing over the quarantine to keep busy?

By Lauren Benson

We’ve all had a lot of free time on our hands. Coronavirus practically shut down the entire world, giving us time to explore new activities or interests. Stuck in the house, some have decided to pick up new hobbies or learn new skills, some just binge watching netflix.  Personally, I’ve been learning how to play guitar, working a ton, and reading a bunch of different books. Here’s what other students are doing to keep busy. 

Denisse Cargado, senior, says she has been watching The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, learning how to cook, and started bullet journaling. Denisse has been learning how to make food that her mom would always make when she was younger including, fried rice, pasta carbonara, and mac and cheese. Denisse’s mom would make that mac and cheese for her every year on her birthday, and now she can make it too.

Andrea Lopez, junior, has been working out, making Tik Toks, taking pictures for her Instagram, and staying in contact with her friends. She has also been trying to go outside at least once everyday. This quarantine has given her a chance to gain a lot of followers on her social media platforms because of all the time she’s had to create quality content.

Jaiden Weber, sophomore, has been skating and going to the park every day. She’s learned several new tricks.

cartoon from 

represents Jaiden Weber skateboarding

Alana Paje, freshman, has been reading the Harry Potter books, baking, making Tik Toks, and having weekly themed dinners with her cousins at her house. At one of her weekly themed dinners they had a vampire theme, where they dressed up as vampires, watched twilight, and ate red velvet cupcakes. She has been watching a ton of Tik Toks, and even made a few!



These times have been stressful, but it’s also been a blessing. Everyone has had time to relax, decompress, and explore their interests. This has been a time of self discovery for many. 

Mr. Chau:

New Teacher on the Block

By Natalie Ramirez


in Journalism?

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 What made you want to come to Kennedy this year, especially with COVID-19 and distance learning?

 Mr. Chau said that  Kennedy has a “genuine sense of community and empathy/awareness for those in the community.”


What do you believe is the biggest challenge for distance learning?  “What isn’t going to be hard?!”

What are your favorite Activities to do with the class?

“Debates, socratics, and discussions! I love to hear what my students have to say and see them take charge of a situation.”

Sitting in front of a screen all day can be uncomfortable for anyone, so how does Mr. Chau maintain comfort?

“Well...I make sure I sit straight to help my back! I try to keep students (and myself) engaged by having everyday conversations during our downtime. As for myself...I do sneak in a meme/joke here and there.” 

My final question for Mr. Chau was: how is he adjusting to the Titan community?

Mr. Chau loves our community and feels like it is ironic because he teaches freshman and he feels like a freshman himself. Mr. Chau is a great teacher and we, as the Kennedy community, are so fortunate that he’s here with us. 

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