17 Unbelievable Life Hacks

by Leslie Aguilera
  1. Ever in a rush to leave but your phone battery is not at a satisfying percentage for you? Turn on airplane mode, and your battery will charge twice as fast.

  2. Want coffee for 50 cents from Starbucks? Keep your cup next time for 50 cent coffee refills.

  3. Have a stomach ache? Lay on your left side and rub your stomach in circular motions.

  4. In a rush to dry your clothes before school? Throw a towel in the dryer.

  5. If you are ever having trouble falling asleep, studies say sleeping on your right side instead of your left side makes it easier.

  6. Do you have annoyingly frizzy hair? Squeeze one or two lemons into your shampoo bottle for better looking hair.

  7. Open your lunch bag and find your sandwich looking like an explosion? To avoid eating a soggy sandwich for lunch, wrap it in a paper towel before putting it inside the plastic bag.

  8. An easy, and effective way to remove blackheads from your face is to cut a lemon in half, add honey, and then rub it on your face for 5 minutes before washing it off.

  9. When microwaving leftover pizza leave a glass of water in the microwave along to prevent the pizza crust from becoming soggy.

  10. Next time, instead of totally freaking out when you see a bee, don’t move. Bees can’t see you if you aren’t moving.

  11. Mix up the old batteries with the new batteries, and can’t tell them apart? Drop each one individually onto a table from about 6 inches high up. If they bounce more than once they’re no longer useful. If they bounce once, they are good.

  12. Do you have nasty, annoying fruit flies wandering around your fruit bowl? Fill a bowl with apple cider vinegar and a little bit of soap. The vinegar attracts them, and the soap will kill them.

  13. Go grocery shopping after you just ate, chances are you won’t end up buying stuff that is unnecessary.

  14. Want to avoid crying while cutting onions? Chew gum.

  15. Next time you order fries from a fast food place order them unsalted. This means they have to make a new fresh batch for you. Then just add salt after.

  16. Keep breaking your chargers? Use the spring from inside a pen, then wrap it around the top.

  17. Playing a game on your phone, and annoying ads keep popping up? Turn on airplane mode and it will prevent them from coming up.