2020 Election Violence

By Caryl Nivera

2020 Election Violence.Caryl.National.pn
Georgia Elected Official, Gabriel Sterling, Speaks Out About Fears of Violence Against Himself and other Voting Officials

Anticipation of violence was prevalent before election night, with stores from California to New York being boarded up. As many stores boarded up, the domino effect came into play: with the immense use of plywood, a shortage then became a major problem. The anticipation of unrest was due to the prospect of the election outcome: whether there would be a denial from a party (i.e., Biden and Trump supporters). The election concluded; Biden as the winner. No signs of destruction were found that night.


Fast forward to December. Since Trump has not conceded to Biden, he could cause followers to become aggressive and even violent. Georgia was lost by Trump. Trump is not content with the outcome. At Trump’s request, the Georgia State Voting System is to carry out a second recount. Georgia is complying with all that Trump is demanding. Yet, Trump’s followers are sending threats to local contractors and politicians of the voting system.  According to Gabriel Sterling, the state’s Voting Systems Implementation Manager,  “a 20-year-old contractor in Gwinnett County for Dominion Voting Systems, which has become the subject of baseless right-wing conspiracy theories, had received death threats. The worker's family was also getting harassed.” Sterling is taking precautions by employing guards outside his home and being forthright. He hopes for the threats to not continue. 


However, Trump did not regard the threats Sterling mentioned: “President Trump responded by retweeting a video of Mr Sterling's speech, but without referencing the concerns over threats of violence.” Instead, he called it rigged; this could cause his followers to do something about this perceived notion of unfair vote counting.  Perhaps, Trump might not get what he wants and his followers might do something bad, possibly violence.  We hope there’s no violence in store for us, but we won’t know until January 5th, election runoff day in Georgia.