Fremont Election Results 2020

By Samir Ahmed

The elections were held on Tuesday November 3rd and the local results have been announced. There was a delay in results reporting due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as most of the ballots were sent through mail. The primary source of information regarding the election results came from 


The candidates for mayor were Incumbent Lily Mei, Justin Sha, Chris Hampton,Vik Bajwa Singh, Naz Mahika Khan, and Marlene Santill. Incumbent Lily Mei won mayor with 28,290, or 50.3% of the votes, Justin Sha came second with 14,346 or 25.5% of the votes, and Chris Hampton with 4,951 or 8.8% in third, Vik Bajwa Singh with 4,294 or 7.6%, Naz Mahika Khan with 2,761 or 4.9%,  Marlene Santill with 1,502 or 2.6%. 


For city council District 1, Incumbent Teresa Keng  won 7,284 or 100% of the votes since  she was uncontested. 


For District 5 Fremont, we had  two candidates: Incumbent Raj Salwan, and Dolev Gandler. Raj Salwan came in first with 8,459 or 79.6% of the votes and Dolev Gandler came second with 2,158 or 20.3% of the votes. 


For District 6 there were a total of six candidates: Teresa Cox, Yogi Church, Charles Liu, Incumbent Roman Reed, Jhansi Kalapala, and Andrew Quang Nguyen. Teresa Cox came in first with 32.5% of the vote, Yogi Church came in second with 23.9% of the vote, Charles Liu third with 23.1%, Incumbent Roman Reed with 10.9%, Jhansi Kalapala with 5.1%, and Andrew Quang Nguyen with 4.1%. 


For Fremont Unified School District Area 1, voters chose between  two candidates: Desire Y. Campbell won with 6,826 or 63.9% of the vote, and Hiu Ng with 3,849 or 36% of the vote. 


Two candidates ran in Fremont Unified School District Area 4 , Yajing Zhang and Jhansi Kalapala, Yajing Zhang won with 6,150, or 62% of the votes, and Jhansi Kalapala in second with 3,757 or 37.9% of the votes. 


Lastly, for Fremont Unified School District Area 5 voters selected  a total of 3 winning candidates Vivek Prasad, Lucy Shen, and Michele Berke. Vivek Prasad won with 4,957 or 36.9% of the votes, Lucy Shen came in second with 4,544 or 33.8%, and Michele Berke came in third with 3,912 or 29.1%. 


Those are all the Election results as of 11-7-2020 for Fremont, for more election results from  Alameda, Contra Costa, Napa, San Mateo, San Francisco, Solano, Sonoma, Santa Clara, and Marin County visit