2021 Essentials

By Isabella Canale

1: Door Opener/Stylus














PC- Etsy


This door opener/stylus/brass knuckle is a compact safety tool. You can use this small keychain to defend yourself as well as to avoid touching door handles and screens. The exact tool pictured above is for sale here on Etsy, however, stores like Marshalls and Ross also sell them. For under $10, a door opener might just save your life making it essential for 2021. 


2: Coloring Book












PC- Etsy


Whether you’re trying to pass time at home or you’re hanging out with a friend, coloring is a clean and relaxing activity for this year. Websites like Etsy have countless options of adult coloring books to choose from, including many from TV shows and movies. Find a coloring book you love and color your stress away all through 2021! The book pictured above can be found here.


3: Crocs 













PC- Nordstrom Rack & Crocs

March 13, 2020 was the last day I wore lace-up shoes, and now is the time for you to make the same transition. Crocs are the comfiest and most practical shoes on the market right now for less than $50. Crocs can be worn outside, inside, or in water.  I wear mine on walks, around the house, to work, or anywhere I need to go. Crocs also sells lined clogs (pictured on the right) to keep your feet warm in the winter! If you’re looking for shoes, slippers, or slides, check out Crocs.

4: Cerave Moisturizing Cream




PC- Target

When I was 12, a doctor recommended this cream for my manchas (dry spots) and I’ve never used another moisturizer since. For almost $14, the lotion is a bit pricey but it will be worthwhile; my first jar lasted me 3 years and I’m still using my second. Whether you have dry skin or occasional dry skin like me, you need this cream in your bathroom ASAP. Dry skin will be left in 2020, so buy your jar here.


5: Air Fryer














PC- Walmart

This year, air fryers are taking over, so make sure you get one as soon as possible; whether you’re trying to cook more or not, an air fryer is essential. When you air fry your food instead of frying it in oil, calories are cut down by 70-80%, and has a lot less fat. This particular air fryer is reasonably priced at $60 and has 100 five-star reviews on the Walmart website; the link to purchase this appliance can be found here. For “Super Easy” air fryer recipes, check out this cookbook on Amazon.