A Bright Light During Dark Times 

By Isabella Corona 

A Bright Light During Dark Times.jpg


For many, Trump 2020 was just an expiration date 

On November 7th, 2020, Joe Biden was declared president-elect, ending Donald Trumps’ single term presidency. For many, this announcement was more than a moment of celebration. 2020 has been a year filled with many devastating events that have impacted the world, so this brought some light in a very dark time. Could this news be exactly what 2020 needs?


Waking up on Saturday morning with the news that Joe Biden will be the next president, made the rest of the weekend a lot more enjoyable. A lot of people were anxious to find out the news, so when it was announced, many people started to celebrate wherever they were. In Washington D.C, many Americans were anxiously waiting near the White House. When they all found out, they couldn't help but celebrate with everyone around them. “From New York to Miami in the East and Denver and Austin out West,” reports CNN, “ Biden supporters flooded into the streets after CNN and other news organizations projected Biden as the winner Saturday morning, honking horns, cheering, dancing and popping champagne.”This news quickly inundated people with a sense of hope that things could be improving. 


This election had one of the most important presidential races we have ever had, so when everyone found out who the 46th President-Elect was, people couldn’t help but show their excitement. CNN captured the national excitement when they wrote: “The celebratory crowd in the blocks around the White House created a traffic jam, with people sitting on top of cars and drivers holding their fists out the window. One person wearing an American flag as a cape walked toward Black Lives Matter Plaza with a hand-written poster board that read, "The nightmare is over". For many, this election was more than having a new President, it was about the rights of the American people.  Although many people believed that there would be a lot of violence surrounding this election, there was hardly any. People were so focused on celebrating this news, that there wasn’t any violence. Although there were some indignant Trump supporters, they didn’t instigate any conflict like how people imagined they would. 


It was a bright sunny day, when Joe Biden was announced President-elect of the United States. On the national and state level, the election has brought a sense of hope for many people: hope that 2020 will get better. 2020 has been a year filled with devastating loss and events taking place that have made the future uncertain. This news of a new administration has acted as a light in a dark time. It’s hard to tell if 2020 will get any better or even the years to come, but for now, Joe Biden’s promise to restore the soul of our nation and be a president for all Americans, has ushered in a sense of hope to the American people who need it most.