An Unusual Crewmember

By Paige Francis

On November 16th, 2020, four astronauts blasted off to space and brought along a surprising thing with them. Baby Yoda or “The Child” from the hit show The Mandalorian made an appearance while the astronauts entered the International Space Station (ISS). However, Baby Yoda actually serves an important role in this journey.


The Crew Dragon is made up of Commander Mike Hopkins, physicist Shannon Walker, Navy Commander Victor Glover, and Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi. Baby Yoda is apart of this crew by serving as a “zero-G indicator.” A zero-G indicator is usually a small object that is used by the crew to determine “when their spacecraft has reached microgravity environment.”


Here is a bit of conversation between the astronauts, about Baby Yoda:


“‘We’ve got Baby Yoda on board trying to take a seat right now,’ NASA communications specialist Leah Cheshier said during a live stream, according to Business Insider.


‘I think that’s Victor Glover’s seat, so I hope he doesn’t mind,’ SpaceX engineer Jessica Anderson said.


‘Maybe Baby Yoda’s trying to pilot the vehicle,’ Cheshier responded.”


Baby Yoda hasn’t been the only unusual crew member in space. In March last year, Elon Musk tweeted out a photo from a test launch of a doll named Buddy. “‘Super high tech zero-g indicator added just before launch!’ he wrote, adding that the toy was ‘going to float around in zero gravity.’” Then, in May, Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley brought up a toy dinosaur their sons picked out and named Tremor.


The Crew Dragon will be up in space for six months and are staying in the ISS. Hopefully, Baby Yoda does a good job of being a zero-G indicator and makes the rest of his crewmembers proud. 


**All quotes are from New York Post.