by Gerardo Gonzalez

      ASB, or the Associated Student Body, has been a part of your school life this whole year. They have organized an array of events, like music in the quad, handing out donuts on the first day of school, and giving staff free hot chocolate.  Teachers and students alike have been receiving gifts, from the school supplies for teachers to the free winterball and homecoming tickets handed out to students. All of the great rallies, dances, and other school events were set-up by the spectacular class led by Ms. Lavaud in room 156. They have worked tirelessly to make this school year amazing. ASB President Joshua Basa had some words to say about ASB this year, “Well this year we are really trying to step up our game by recognizing all students and staff and teachers. We try our best to create fun and positive events that everyone will enjoy.”

          A quick look inside room 156 will show the efforts of our leadership class at Kennedy. Painters are sprawled out on the floor, creating beautiful murals and posters, while some work behind the scenes and coordinate upcoming events like rallies and dances. A separate group of people work on sending out information through social media like Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. Others work on updating the school website. Everyone has a job to do.

     Some events ASB put on were inspired by a particular holiday. ASB displays hundreds of Post-It notes up around school on lockers for Kindness Week. For Valentine’s Day, Leadership cut out about fourteen-hundred hearts and wrote a specific students name on each one. People came in early in the morning to hang each one up. ASB held a pie-eating contest for students who wanted a free winterball ticket. Freshman Andrea Nguyen remarked, “The free winterball tickets were great because it gave everyone a chance to go to the dance. Keep it one-hundred.” 

       The leadership class takes pride in what they do; serving the student body is their purpose. Any student has the possibility of joining by taking an application form in the amphitheater. If you want to contribute to the school, and make it a more spirited, active place, sign up now.