Coach Taylor Interview with reporter Liana Gonzalez

This is Liana Gonzalez, staff reporter for the JFK Titan Tribune.  I had the opportunity to interview Coach Taylor about the team's success in the NCS badminton tournament, where they placed in 2nd.

Liana: What strategies did you use to put the team in position to come in the lead this season?

Taylor: I would say every player used their own individual strategies, it is not like any other sport where there is a specific strategy that is used to improve.

Liana: What were your expectations going into the tournament?

Taylor: Honestly, I was expecting to place somewhere in top 3, the team was only two points away from placing in 1st, but we placed in 2nd.

Liana: Would you say the team was prepared?

Taylor: I would say so, yes, everyone came in nervous, but ready to play and win.

Liana: Was the competition harder than you expected?

Taylor: No, it was actually easier than I thought it would be because of the other schools we were facing, but we had a good turnout.

Liana: Do you expect the team to be as good next year?

Taylor: Thankfully, zero of the players who scored are graduating this year, so I do expect them to be as good or even better when the next season comes around.


Coach Taylor would like to acknowledge these players who contributed greatly to the success of the team in this year's competition:

-Sean Sue: 2nd BS

-William Zheng: 3rd BS

-Tamy Xie: 1st GS

-Brandon Wang: 4th BD

-Eric Wang: 4th BD