Banksy Uplifts Nottingham

By Ananya Rajeshkumar


Banksy’s Artwork in Nottingham- Hula-hooping girl stands next to it (BBC News)

Banksy, apart from his anonymity, is an England-based street artist who has been using satire and dark humour in his art since the 1990s. Banksy has made several pieces of publicly recognized artwork. Banksy made another beautiful piece of artwork in Nottingham; the subject is a young girl hula-hooping. Even though he did not claim credit for the art right away, people already gathered to admire the graffiti. The artwork itself was so uplifting: The only question is, what makes this so special?


On Saturday, Banksy confirmed that it was his work on the residential street off Nottingham city centre. Jasinya Powell said, “Nottingham needed something like this.” The care assistant claims that it was the first piece of famous art she had ever seen. Like others, she got down to take a picture next to the artwork. Powell said that she thought of the artwork as uplifting, but moreover, she was surprised that there was a Banksy artwork on Ilkeston Road. Powell believes that Banksy would have seen something in the city, which prompted him to make an uplifting piece of art.


By Sunday, there were crowds of people wanting to take pictures of the artwork. Many people told BBC News that they were not that fond of the artwork, however, the residents of Nottingham were still excited that Banksy chose the city to incorporate his talent. Others, with young children and people in their youth, were content after seeing the artwork. “It’s once in a lifetime, isn’t it?,” said a woman as she viewed the graffiti. There was even an ice cream truck along with an actual kid hula-hooping! Many residents mentioned that this was very special as Banksy had chosen the city of Nottingham to put up a piece of artwork. 


Following the latest news, Nottingham has been one of the cities with the highest rate of coronavirus infections in England. The atmosphere in Nottingham was so negative, a letterbox just miles away from the city itself, became filled with Covid tests, most of which were positive. Everybody agrees when they say that Banksy’s artwork had uplifted the gloomy mood as well as given publicity to the city for something good. "He has seen the local heritage - this artwork is Nottingham. I'm amazed and overwhelmed it is here,” said Natty B. The 59-year old fitness instructor also said that banksy definitely saw something in this city, and he wanted to make it better.


Overall, the artwork from Banksy really uplifted the environment and made the mood happier. The coronavirus infection had made the city very sad and gloomy, and according to everyone, Banksy’s artwork really outshined the unhappiness of Nottingham. Banksy not only did that, but he also recognized the city using his talent. Nottingham deserved this gorgeous piece of art, like everyone said, it was just so positive.