Biden's Plan For the Environment

By Jack Conner
Biden hopes to combat climate change and mold a cleaner US industry.
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With a new administration taking control of the White House in January, the public has begun to wonder how the Biden-Harris administration plans to tackle the problems facing the United States.  Thankfully, Biden has outlined his plans for numerous issues, including climate change.  Scientists predict that climate change will become irreversible within the next ten years, at best, and have begged world leaders to take steps to prevent this from happening.  Joe Biden aims to combat climate change and create new jobs at the same time, taking on two of the most pressing issues facing the USA at once.


The first step in Biden’s plan involves the signing of new executive orders designed to set the US on the path to 100% clean emissions by 2050 at the latest.  Additionally, Biden plans to pressure Congress into passing legislation that will invest heavily in clean energy and climate change research, as well as encourage American corporations to develop greener forms of production.  Besides just encouraging American companies and citizens to reduce carbon emissions, Biden also hopes to rally the rest of the world into action, to reverse climate change.  The President-Elect wants to not only re-commit the US to the Paris Climate Agreement (which President Trump pulled the United States out of), but also set goals above and beyond the ones set in Paris.  By setting an example of being overly clean and energy-mindful, Biden hopes the US will encourage other nations to follow its lead and become more sensitive to the needs of the environment.


Although there is much Biden hopes to achieve at the legislative level concerning climate change, he also desires to turn the US into a resilient, energy-efficient nation.  Biden’s plan for the nation’s infrastructure involves forming climate change-proof buildings, water supplies, transportation, and energy sources.  He hopes that these improvements not only move the US towards a cleaner economy, but also that they prevent any possible damage that could occur due to climate change (ex. rising sea levels, more hurricanes, etc.)  Biden also wants to work with local laboratories and universities so that people across the country have access to reliable information about climate change.  He hopes this will educate the public more on the dangers it poses, and that the information will encourage each and every citizen to combat climate change in whatever way they can.


Another pressing issue related to climate change is the power of large corporations over low-income communities.  These companies often pollute the air and water surrounding them, severely harming those who live in these areas.  Biden is focused on combating these polluters and repairing the communities they have impacted.  He wants to ensure that places like Flint, Michigan and Harlan, Kentucky have reliable water sources clean of pollutants.  Biden also hopes to create millions of new jobs related to green energy, tackling not only climate change, but unemployment and the American economy as well.  


Even though he is not president yet, Biden has still worked hard to mold the country into a better place.  He plans to start many of the aforementioned programs on day one of his presidency, acting quickly to utilize his term to the fullest.  If accomplished as promised, Biden’s plans will hopefully set the United States on a path to clean energy, and he will hopefully set the world on a path to reversing the damaging effects of climate change.