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By Katelyn Twist
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From step dancing at JFK’s Multicultural Rally to holding Zoom forums, BAF does it all. Black-African Fusion Club (soon-to-be-called Black Student Union) is on a mission to create a safe space for Black students at JFK. BAF’s own Shalyce Mariscol shares about the club in the following interview. 


What is the purpose of this club?

Shalyce: “The purpose of the club is to uplift Black culture and blend it with aspects of African culture.”


What are some cool things that your club has done in the past?

Shalyce: “I think that when BAF does flash mobs it’s pretty cool! I always liked watching them before I was in the club and I think that it was good because it made more people want to join.” 


What are your plans/goals for this year?

Shalyce: “Our goals for this year include holding more Zoom meetings where Black students can come share their experiences and others can listen and learn.”


Fun Fact: BAF has been working alongside Peer Resources to hold Racial Injustice Forums all throughout Summer. They have had a solid mix of teachers, administrators, and students coming together to have meaningful conversations surrounding racism at school and in general. They even had the FUSD superintendent and the Board of Education in attendance at the latest forum. 


Why did you decide to join/be an officer for this club?

Shalyce: “I decided to become an officer because I enjoyed being in the club and wanted to take on more responsibility.”


Fun Fact: Shalyce is secretary of BAF! She first joined the club in her junior year. 


How long have you been in/been an officer in this club?

Shalyce: “I became an officer this past Summer, only a few months ago.”


Who is your advisor and what makes them a good choice for this club?

Shalyce: “Mr. Lydon has been our advisor for years! I wasn’t there when he was first picked, but since I’ve been working with him, he’s been nothing but helpful. He always listens to our concerns and does his best to help us solve any problems we have.”


Why should people join your club?

Shalyce: “People should join BAF if they want to be a part of the school’s only Black student union, where they can have fun, while still doing their part in trying to better the Black experience at Kennedy.”


Fun Fact: This year, BAF is planning to host talks with local Black motivational speakers. These presentations will be exclusive to members only!


Distance learning has not stopped BAF from making a change at Kennedy this year. To stay updated, students should follow BAF on Instagram @jfk_baf. Students who are interested in joining BAF can join the Remind by texting @kk3d9e to 810-10. For any questions, comments, or concerns about the club, one can email Mr. Lydon (klydon@fusdk12.net).