California Orders Lockdown Again 

By Ananya Rajeshkumar 

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BBC News 

California enters lockdown again for COVID-19  

 Although the cases have remained the same, things still started to open back up in June. While everyone was content and ecstatic that outdoor dining and malls opened up, people started to go, some disregarding the COVID-19 protocols. This slowly led to the rising of cases, similar to how it was in March, at the beginning of quarantine. But since recent news, California has to go back to a stay at home order.


The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, issued a new stay at home order, stating that anyone living in a county that is currently in a purple zone, may not go out from the time between 10pm to 5am. According to the article on ABC 7, governor Newson said, ‘"Tomorrow we'll be making some additional announcements on efforts to use that 'dimmer switch' that we've referred to, and begin to toggle back on our stay-at-home order and tighten things up.” After being in quarantine for over two months, as stores started to open back up, people were sick of sitting at home. Many people went outside, and some people stopped following the necessary precautions for the pandemic. The protocols such as wearing a mask and staying 6-feet apart at all times, protects them and the people around them. This also meant quarantining with only a small group of people, but since everyone did not follow that, the governor has issued another stay at home order, similar to the one in March. 


Governor Newsom stated that there would be another stay at home order because of the following weekend leading to July 4th. The article on ABC 7 news quoted Newsom, ‘“We've got Fourth of July weekend coming up. One of the areas of biggest concern as it relates to the spread of COVID-19 in the state remains family gatherings, not just bars, not just out in the streets where people are protesting.”’ The minimum number of people allowed to hang out together was 10 as of May, although a lot of people did not follow that restriction. The lifting of this restriction in May led to gatherings that consisted of more than 10 people. This caused cases to increase dramatically, leading to governor Newson calling the stay at home order again. Not a lot of people listened, there were still gatherings that took place for July 4th, including people barbecuing. 


In mid-August, after the month-long shelter in place again, outdoor dining was finally allowed in California. Even though indoor dining was still closed, residents were allowed to eat at outdoor seatings. Restaurants in San Francisco started to open up with outdoor dinings, as long as the necessary precautions were followed. A lot of people went out to eat, and it was all fine until mid-October. Cases were rising again because outdoor dining started to get crowded. The San Francisco Eater said, “Already, some restaurants are saying that they’re hoping that these new outdoor venues will remain, at least until the pandemic ends.” It was highly unlikely that it would occur, and it has now proven to be wrong. By the end of October, most outdoor dining restaurants were forced to shut down due to the cases rising. There are very few restaurants that can be found carrying the option of outdoor dining, but it is not promised that those will remain open either. 


The whole stay at home order is given for everybody’s safety. During these times, it is crucial to continue to take precautions like wearing a mask, staying 6-feet apart, and washing hands. Especially during the holiday season, there may be gatherings happening. Do your part, wear a mask, and stay safe during these hard times.