Climate Change in 2020

By Marina Rodriguez

Climate Change in 2020.jpg

Climate change has affected the world for over 30 years, and each year it gets worse for humans and animals living the environment. People all over the world still choose to believe that climate change isn’t real,and think it doesn’t have an effect on Earth. In reality, climate change could possibly end the world, as we know it. If the world doesn’t act fast, Earth will undergo drastic changes.

This year, Manhattan set up the very first Climate Change Clock during Climate Week. The meaning of the clock was to make people realize how imminent the dangers of climate change are! The clock shows that we only have seven years left until the effects of climate change become irreversible. Messages such as “The Earth has a deadline,” have been displayed on the clock. One of the artists who helped create this clock, Gan Golan stated, “This is our way to shout that number from the rooftops, the world is literally counting on us.” Golan’s partner, Andrew Boyd, also explained, “This is arguably the most important number in the world.” If the people of the world do not act fast, Earth as we know it could vanish. Our future generations would live much harder lives, and it would lead to a lot of problems for them.  


One thing to keep in mind is the countless species of animals that will go extinct if we don’t act fast to put an end to climate change! Scientists estimate that one million species will go extinct by 2050. That means one in ten plants and animals will no longer exist. Some of these animals facing extinction are pandas, elephants, sea turtles, orangutans, tigers, rhinoceroses, polar bears, and lemurs. Although there are 41 species of animals that are endangered or facing extinction right now, such as koalas, tigers, and snow leopards, reversing the effects of climate change could help save them. These animals are calling for our help, and the best way to do this is to put an end to climate change. 

Although concern over climate change has grown recently, there is still much more that needs to be done to save Earth. According to Green America, the ten most important things we can do to help fight climate change are eliminate food waste, eat plant-based foods, use clean energy, participate in the democratic process (when of age), divest money out of institutions that fund fossil fuel expansion, improve insulation, use LED lighting, rethink transportation, recycle, and, lastly, buy less products to reduce the amount we contribute to landfills. It may not seem like it changes much, but everything we do in our daily life has a major impact on climate change. It is always great to consider and evaluate what to do, and to strive to make our world a better place.