Republicans Expose Schemes to Silence Conservatives on National Television

By Proletariat Puppeteer 

Conservatives are being silenced.jpg

After the Capitol riots, social media platforms have banned leaders like Donald Trump from speaking to their audience. Other apps like Parler have also been taken down due to the “far-right extremists” that used the platform to plan the “riots.” However small these actions may seem, they are part of a larger trend of silencing conservative voices. 


This problem was perfectly articulated by a representative who wore a mask that has “censored” written on it. While she gave her speech on a microphone on the Senate floor that was broadcast on national television, it was clear that the media and the government were trying their hardest to not let her voice be heard. This has been a problem that started with Twitter holding white supremacists accountable for their words, and has now inflamed to the point where the PRESIDENT is being held accountable for his actions. Where does it stop? Are we the kind of country that tries to keep the public safe by fact-checking Tweets? Are we the kind of country to hold each other accountable for our actions? Do we want to be the country that has treats all dangerous rhetoric with the same degree of caution?


In case you mistakenly answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then further analysis of the problem at hand is necessary. Not only has  the silencing of conservative voices become a trend, but it has been institutionalized, just like racism. The government has targeted Trump’s associates from the very start with the arrests of Steve Bannon, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Rick Gates, George Nader, and George Papadopoulos. They were under arrest for crimes like “lying to investigators,” “cooperating with foreign governments,” “conspiracy,” and “fraudulent use of funds” when in reality it is way more likely that they are under arrest for being conservative. Let that sink in. A government that silences conservatives by prosecuting them for crimes they plead guilty to. This systemic attack from the left is on par with the systemic racism caused by the right. If you support these discriminatory actions taken by the government, then you might as well support racism. 


One may say that this false victimhood that is symptomatic of the republican party is in fact just rhetoric used to control their supporters, but this deep and correct analysis of the problem at hand is just some propaganda from the left. And liberal is bad, remember? The next time that a conservative voice is held accountable, remember that it is an attack against you. And it's racist.