Five Best Tim Horton Movies

by Monique Valencia
Five Best Tim Burton Movies.jpg

1.)The Nightmare Before Christmas-1993


I am ranking this movie as number one because it is  one of my favorite Halloween movies is The Nightmare Before Christmas. This movie is special to me because I grew up watching this movie every Halloween and I just fell in love with the movie. A classic Halloween movie that everyone loves. Jack Skellington lives in a Halloween World, but gets bored scaring people every year. Everything changes when he stumbles upon a new “world,” Christmas Town. Wanting to take over Christmas he soon learns not everything goes according to plan.  This movie is also a featured theme in Disneyland during Christmas time




FRANKENWEENIE is runner up, it was such a good movie to watch when I was too scared to watch Freddy Krueger. It’s good to watch with the whole family for quality time during Halloween. A cute but sad Halloween movie that kids love. Victor Frankenstein is a science nerd that loves anything that has to do with science. One day his best friend Sparky, who is dog,  stumbles across a mortal coil and unfortunately passes away. With an idea from his science teacher, Victor finds a way to bring Sparky back to life. Soon his classmates find out and steal his project to bring other pets back to life.


3.) The Corpse Bride-2005

                                                                                                                                                                                                       I ranked this number three because it reminds me a lot of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is a good movie to watch with friends. But FRANKENWEENIE is too good for third place.The Corpse Bride is another known Halloween movie that people like. Victor and Victoria have an arranged marriage. Just before the ceremony Victor heads out to the forest to practice his lines and placing the ring. As he places a ring on a branch a women named Emily pulls him into the Land of the Dead. He must hurry and return to Land of Living before Victoria marries a bad man.


4.) BeetleJuice-1988


I’m certain that most people have seen BeetleJuice, it is a little freaky but funny. It is an older movie that our parents probably went to the movies to see. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a good Halloween movie but just a little bit too old for me at least, that is why it is ranked number four.A very well known classic that everyone loves to watch during Halloween. After Barbara and Adam Maitland get into a car accident and die they come back from the dead and remain in their old house. Unable to leave the house their daughter Lydia buys, the house but the Maitlands try and scare them away and are unsuccessful. Now trying to attract the ghost of BeetleJuice to try and scare their daughter away, they realize that it was a bad idea to attract BeetleJuice.


5.) Sleepy Hollow-1999


Last but not least a movie that is very creepy. I have not seen this movie so I cannot properly judge it, that is why it’s last.  I will have to watch this movie this Halloween. An eerie Halloween movie that will have you on the edge of your seat. Ichabod Crane is going to Sleep Hollow to investigate 3 decapitation murders. He learns that the suspect is the Headless Horseman, a well known apparition whose head was stolen when he died. He now goes on killing people and taking their heads until his is returned. What Crane does not know is that someone is controlling the Headless Horseman to kill villagers.