The 49ers’ Blistering Start to the NFL season

By  Sricharan Guddanti
49ers start to season.png

Coming into this season, the 49ers would have been considered a mediocre team. Now, most people agree that the Niners are one of the top five teams in the NFL right now. The 49ers have soared up the power rankings, reaching number one, in recent rankings. Let’s see what got them there. 

    After the heartbreaking loss in the 2013 Super Bowl, the 49ers quality of play has gone down. After losing two star quarterbacks in Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick, it was difficult to make another Super Bowl run, and the Niners had to rebuild. Big changes had to be made prior to this season for the Niners to be at a competitive level. The whole transformation started with the hiring of coach Kyle Shanahan and General Manager John Lynch, which added great leadership to the team. The team also then picked up, Patriots’ back-up quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo. More recently, the 49ers have solidified their edge rushing unit with No. 2 draft pick Nick Bosa and, arguably the best edge rusher in the NFL last year, Dee Ford. The most recent addition to the team was wide receiver, Emanuel Sanders. 49er fans have been waiting for the moment that their team will make a run for the playoffs and the Super Bowl. This could very well be their year. The 49ers were the only undefeated team in the NFL through Week 10. The media and football fans have continued to doubt them, but the Niners have shown their resiliency and proved people wrong every time they have played in the season. 

    The 49ers started their season with two convincing victories against the Buccaneers and Bengals. After some more success, the team was ready for their Week 6 challenge. The 49ers were set to play division rivals and reigning NFC Champions, the Los Angeles Rams. With all the hype and doubt surrounding the 49ers’ regular season run, many thought the Niners would take their first loss of the season. The result: the Niners secured a 20-7 statement win. This is when critics began to realize the 49ers are a serious contender for the NFC title and the Super Bowl. The next couple of games yielded very smooth wins. The running game continued to boost the offense in critical times of the game and Jimmy Garoppolo was starting to find his rhythm with his receivers. Nick Bosa and Dee Ford followed up game after game with more sacks on their stat papers. Finally, the 49ers were looking like a complete team, one that was worth watching. 

    There are many components and players of this 49er team that have allowed it to thrive against the competition of the NFL. Will they make the playoffs? I can’t predict that. But my bets are on yes, they will. This inexperienced, yet versatile 49er team has a lot to improve on, but by how the season is going and by the players they’ve got, they have the potential to go far and give its fans an exciting and hopeful NFL season.