Israel unfolded

By Andrea Pader


Photo: Vice

Trigger warning

Israel is a beautiful country in the Middle East, known for being the Biblical Holy Land. 

Tourists visit for its beaches, gorgeous hiking spots filled to the brim with flowers, and their exciting nightlife, but behind the mask of beauty is Israel’s dark side, it’s rape culture. 

On August 28, Carter Sherman from Vice reported “In total, police have identified 17 suspects in the alleged attack on the 16-year-old, who was intoxicated.” She told the reporters that there were about 30 men in total that had sex with her. Although police had identified 17 suspects involved in the assault, only 13 of them were arrested, all of whom were minors.

Blind from the beauty of Israel, many don’t see the horrifying situations that are rarely dealt with. Women in Israel often stay quiet about sexual assault, letting their assaulter get away. As reported by Sherman, “the girl had only filed her complaint after she learned that she’d been filmed” explaining that she only spoke up because there was evidence of her assault happening. If there was not a video, she most likely would have never spoken up. This incident is one of many in Israel. Another example is the story of a British teen who reported she was gang-raped by Israel teens. Sherman stated,” police forced her to falsely confess that she’d lied.” showing that visitors are not safe from the rape culture. She was given a sentence for false accusations and the Israeli teens went home without a problem. Even by speaking up, the police in Israel are no help to these poor women. 

According to Sherman, “Israeli prosecutors close nine out of ten rape cases, without filing charges, a report by the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel found last year.” showing that there was a slim chance that her case would be prosecuted in the first place, regardless of the conviction. Many other women are forced to keep quiet in Israel. The young girl’s story had shed light on the situation and allowed them to stand up and speak out, causing a strike. They spoke out saying that girls and women are a no man’s land. This allowed many people to speak their minds. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, “This is shocking, there is no other word. This is not only a crime against the girl, this is a crime against humanity,” (Vice) acknowledging the fact he sees that there is a significant social injustice going on that needs reformation.