Kaepernick, The New Head Of Nike

by Jonathan Gomez

If you’ve been on pretty much any type of social media recently, then you've noticed the  Boycott Nike hashtag and people burning their Nike shoes. This past Wednesday, the company aired a commercial showing their support for their diversity of athletes. Various sports and people of all races were displayed working together without issues symbolizing unity.  The commercial was narrated by Colin Kaepernick, The infamous quarterback who took a knee during the national anthem as a peaceful protest against the unjust racial inequality and police brutality. Since then, the quarterback hasn't been signed to a team since 2016. Kaepernick also stars in the ad for a short period, in the end, wearing a black turtleneck and a brown coat Shortly after, the company also announced a partnership with Kaepernick confirming him as the new face of the company. For some reason, this enraged thousands of people. All over the country people displayed images of themselves burning their Nike products. Others posted tweets stating that the company made them choose between their shoes or their country. They chose their country. Of course, president twitter fingers was quick to speak on the subject tweeting, “Just like the NFL, whose ratings have gone WAY DOWN, Nike is getting absolutely killed with anger and boycotts. I wonder if they had any idea that it would be this way? As far as the NFL is concerned, I just find it hard to watch, and always will, until they stand for the FLAG!” This supported quite the anger coming from people all over social media. One country singer said his assistant, a former marine ripped the famous swoosh out of his socks. Other former marines or seals, stood by the company saying they had a right to stand for their beliefs.

Despite the thousands boycotting Nike, their stock prices have not drastically plummeted. This could be due to the supporters of Nike buying more products in efforts to combat the protest. Some have even said that they would only wear Nike from now on. On Tuesday morning, NYE (Nike's stock title) fell a near 3% before slightly rising on Wednesday morning. An ESPN reporter, Darren Rovell, reported that the ad was meant to target a younger audience. Yet, while some kids are very involved in the boycott against Nike, others have been doing just the opposite, mocking them, and even making memes about the group against Nike. Some teens are also stating their personal opinions standing with the NFL player and the idea of unity.

Nike made an effort to highlight two things. We should always strive to achieve the best we can and we should always stand together. Unified as one.