PS5 Vs. Xbox Series X


By Marina Rodriguez

The two rival companies, Sony and Microsoft, are both coming out with a new console very soon! Sony is releasing the PS5 on November 12, and Microsoft is releasing the Xbox Series X on November 10. The release time of these consoles will definitely set up a battle of sales between the companies during the holidays. 


Both of these consoles will cost $500, but they are also releasing different versions of the consoles that will be cheaper. The Digital PS5 will start at $400 and the Xbox Series S will start at $300. Due to the sale records, there are about 10 million Xbox users, while there are only 2.2 million PlayStation users. With that being said, it is most likely that Microsoft will sell more consoles than PlayStation during the holidays. 


According to Tom’s Guide, the Xbox Series X has slightly better specs than the PS5. The CPU is a bit faster on the Xbox, and the GPU is also higher by 1.7 teraflops compared to the PS5, which has only 10 teraflops. Even though the Xbox has better specs, it is not yet determined that it will still perform better than the PS5. Everything depends on the game, not all games will take advantage of the higher specs of the Xbox, and the PS5 could still have better graphics with certain games. Tom’s Guide also mentioned, “For the moment, we’ll say that both systems seem quite powerful, and that the Xbox Series X has a potential edge, especially when it comes to rendering graphics.” 


The designs of the consoles are very different compared to each other. The Xbox Series X is a black rectangular prism, while the PS5 is a “black rounded rectangle, surrounded by two white fins that almost converge in a downward triangular pattern.” The controller for the Xbox Series is just about the same from the previous Xbox One, but the new PlayStation controller has drastically changed compared to all the controllers from the past. It’s a lot bulkier and bigger in comparison to the PS4 controller, and it looks a little similar to the Xbox controller, with the exception of the colors and button placement. 


The backward compatibility with the two consoles is a no brainer. Microsoft has announced that with the Xbox Series X, you will automatically get all your old games from your previous Xbox One and even Xbox 360 once you upgrade! Some of the old games will work even better than the original systems as well, with better frames rates and resolution. Meanwhile, Sony never promised backward compatibility, and “not every title is guaranteed to work equally well,” according to Tom’s Guide. It is yet to be determined whether all games will continue to work on the PS5 or not, but the top 100 games from the PS4 possibly will (PS1, PS2, and PS3 games will not be supported). 


Overall, the Xbox Series X and PS5 will have a great competition of sales during the holidays and it will be an interesting battle to witness. 


The Series 6 is a major upgrade compared to last year’s Series 5.  Apple has added a few new features, which Forbes explains quite well: “Here’s what’s new with the Series 6 compared to last year’s device: that aforementioned new S6 chip, which improves charging times and app launch speeds... This chip also helps boost a brighter “always-on” display...the most important update is a new blood-oxygen sensor that detects oxygen saturation levels in our blood, otherwise known as SpO2. Yes, this feature has been available for at least a couple of years... recent smartwatches from Huawei and Samsung. But you’ve probably heard the... saying: “Apple’s never the first to do anything, but when they do it, they do it better.” 

Apple also announced the new iPad Air and iPad 8th Generation. The 8th Generation iPad has potential as a computer, and is described by Tom's guide in great detail “The A12 Bionic processor inside this slate offers blistering performance for a slate under $350, making it a great choice for work and play. And the nearly 13 hours of battery life is best in class. Add in support for the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, and the iPad 2020 can even pinch hit for a laptop.” From personal experience, the iPad lineup could definitely become a computer, and that's how Apple advertises it. However, Apple still hasn't given the iPad everything a computer needs ,such as ports and the ability to download anything from the internet, instead of only being limited to the app store. The iPad Air features a new design similar to the iPad Pro along with newer specs and a cheaper price. The iPad Air removes the face ID system ,and instead uses touch ID on the side. To sum up the fall reveal, Apple released a subscription, two new watches, and two new iPads, and most likely  will release the new iPhone in October.