Alexandria Villaseñor the 14-year-old climate Activist

By: Brisa Mirandez

Often times, it can be very upsetting that there’s something going on in the world and people don't seem to do anything about it. 70% of Americans between 18 and 34 are worried about global warming compared to 56% of those older than 34%’ (Soledad O'Brien). People younger than 18 are getting involved in leading a growing youth movement fighting for their future and also trying their very best to show everyone that change is coming whether they like it or not. Nature’s current rate of decline is unparalleled in human history. That isn't just tragic for nature- it’s tragic for us. What is really saddening is that some youth seem like they are not really getting involved in what’s going on in the world. Today’s youth is about to become the future,  and don’t seem to realize that they also have a voice, and that they could also do something to take action. 14-year-old Alexandria Villaseñor is a climate activist and knows that inaction is not an option. Just like the climate crisis, Alexandria’s goal is wide-ranging.


Alexandria first started off being motivated and being inspired by personal experience. The time she had an asthma attack in light of the fact that there was a wildfire during a family trip.  Two hundred fifty square miles burned, thousands of homes were destroyed and many people died. Now at the present time, Alexandria Villaseñor is one of the movements American organizers. She continues her climate strike every Friday and so world leaders meet her demands. “In New York City alone, she’s led thousands of kids and strikes”(vice news). Young protestors in the United States have been participating in direct action. “It’s really important that my generation is involved in making sure that our voices are heard because [it] will be impacted that most” stated Alexandria to  MTV news. 


Many young people from around the world view climate change as an existential threat. “On March 15,  over one million students in 125 counties went on strike” (Rolling Stone). Alexandria says that she wants politicians to do their part to stop climate change. “It feels like world leaders have failed us,” says Alexandria Villaseñor on the vice news interview. As the presidential contest heats up, she’s anxious the Democratic Party isn’t taking climate change seriously. Alexandria, like many activists, has commands. Alexandria’s commands are to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2023 and enact any other laws or policies to keep us below 1.5 Celsius [of global warming].  A teenager shouldn't need to be the voice of reason but when silence is extinction and when inaction is death there is no other choice but for us, for now, we have a choice.