Kennedy Athletes vs. COVID-19

By Lorenzo Lazaro

In July, the CIF announced that the high school sports seasons would be postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. CIF created a two season schedule starting in January 2021, where football, volleyball, water polo, cheer, and cross country would start being played in January. Basketball, badminton, soccer, swimming, tennis, and wrestling, softball, and baseball would start being played right after, in March. But while there is a released tentative schedule, there is still so much uncertainty on whether or not athletes will actually get back on their prospective playing fields. As much as athletes are itching to get back to it, we cannot disregard the fact that there is still an ongoing pandemic, and if there is a spike in numbers then there is a big possibility that season would get cancelled fully.


Justin Rodriguez ‘21

 I asked some Varsity athletes how they are continuing to stay motivated despite next season's uncertainties. Justin Rodriguez ‘21 says “I’m continuing to stay motivated to workout by still having hope that there will be an upcoming season, despite the fact that it might get cancelled.”

Eric Soto ‘21

For senior athletes, this would be their last opportunity to go out and showcase their talents. Varsity basketball player Eric Soto ‘21 says “If the season gets cancelled it will have a huge impact on my life because I will always remember the fact that my senior season in high school got cancelled because of Covid-19.” 


Bella Canale ‘21

And while gyms and some parks have been closed because of the pandemic, some athletes are getting creative on how they train for their sport. Varsity soccer player and MVAL 2nd team All League Forward Bella Canale says “Although some parks are closed, I go and find the ones that are open, or I’ll just workout in my garage. I also like finding new locations to workout and hike.” 

As an athlete myself, I know how hard it has been to continue to stay motivated despite so many uncertainties. I remember at the beginning of quarantine, I was under the assumption that it would only last a couple weeks, so I made sure I was grinding every day to ensure I would be ready for when summer league started. Eventually, quarantine kept getting extended and then I found out there was not going to be a summer league, and maybe not even a season. Therefore, my drive to workout and train slowly started to fade away. For me and probably many other senior athletes, my mindset was, why should I invest all this time and energy training for a sport that I might not even get to play competitively again.


Jayden Harper ‘22 

For athletes with hopes of getting an athletic scholarship, their chances of getting one relies heavily on what is to come this season. Varsity baseball player Jayden Harper ‘22 had this to say about the recruiting process. “It’s definitely making it more difficult. Not being able to go to events and showcases, or even not being able to play at all will greatly affect the amount of attention from scouts. Hopefully this all dies down soon so that baseball will be able to be played and the recruiting process can start up again.”

With 2020 being such a crazy year, there are so many unknowns in this world. However, I think that one thing is certain; we all hope and wish that this current pandemic soon comes to an end, and athletes at Kennedy can go out and play the sports that they love again.