Travis Scott: Dominating Every Industry

by Keanu Lim
travis scott.jpg

Recently, McDonalds added a new meal to the menu: The Cactus Jack Combo Meal. The meal comes with a Quarter Pounder with bacon, medium fries with BBQ sauce, and a Sprite. This new meal is projected to attract large amounts of customers and it might even be the most popular meal for as long as it's out. So what’s so special about this meal? The main attraction of the Cactus Jack combo is the name behind it: Travis Scott.


Who is Travis Scott?

Travis Scott (also known as Jacques Berman Webster II & La Flame) is an American Rapper/Song Producer from Houston, Texas. He is best known for his song SICKO MODE ft.Drake off of his popular album “Astroworld.” Travis is also known for his other hit songs: Butterfly Effect and Goosebumps. La Flame, being such a popular rapper, has a huge influence on the hip hop scene and young culture. His fans will buy anything that's connected to his name, as they have done this every time he's collabed with any major brand. His huge influence on the hip hop scene could bring hype to anything, even cereal.


Travis’ Collabs

Travis has done many collaborations with huge brands such as Reese’s Puffs, and McDonald’s, and has done several shoe collabs with Nike and Jordan. La Flame’s Reese’s Puffs collab sold out in just 30 seconds, and his shoes have seen similar results. All of Travis’ shoe collabs with Nike and Jordan are an instant success, most of his shoes sell out in just a few seconds. They are so rare, that you can only find them on shoe reselling websites like StockX and Goat, and sometimes  his shoes can sell up to $400+ over retail. His most popular collab, the Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott, sells for over $1,000 above its original price! So why do people still pay for overpriced shoes and cereal, and how does the price get that high in the first place? Well most of it is controlled by the reselling community.


The Reselling Community

Though reselling has nothing to do with rap, the two have close connections. Some of the biggest items ever to be resold are Jordans. Many rappers and influencers are seen wearing Jordans, which create hype and popularity around them. This causes them to sell out, which increases their prices. This process happens to anything Travis’ name is connected with, since his young audience would do anything to get their hands on any of his merch. The need around Travis Scott’s merch is driven by two things: Fashion and Reselling. Many of LaFlame’s collabs can be bought at retail price if you’re lucky, but are then resold for tenfold the original price. Because Travis is a rapper and has a large influence on the Hip Hop community, reselling is a major factor to his success, unlike other singers or music producers. If a pop singer,  like Taylor Swift made a shirt, it wouldn’t sell out like Travis’ would, and most likely wouldn’t even resell for double its price. Love him or hate him, Travis Scott has taken branding to a whole other level, where instead of putting his name out, people come to him. In fact, he’s one of the only people in the world capable of this feat, and his domination in every industry should be old news.