The Impact of Global Warming

by Matthew Li

The world is getting warmer by the second. Icebergs are melting and lakes are warming rapidly. This is caused by global warming. Global warming is expected to have more devastating effects for planet earth. Currently, global warming is already having an effect on the planet.

Human activity has increased the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This has caused an increase in temperature throughout the world. The concentration of methane has increased by 148% since 1750. Carbon dioxide has increased by 36% since 1750 as well. The burning of fossil fuel is a main contributor to the increase of carbon dioxide. Another contributor is deforestation. The amount of greenhouse gases have increased to an all time high.

There are many consequences that come from global warming. That includes water vapour, changes in ice, changes in the Earth’s carbon cycle, and clouds. The water is turning into gas from the climate change. Arctic sea ice is decreasing and the sea level is rising. Global warming is making arctic sea ice very vulnerable.

The sea levels are rising which is causing some cities to flood. Venice, Italy will be submerged within a century if we do not slow down global warming. Losing such an iconic city to something that we caused would truly be sad.

Climate change is affecting many animals. For example, polar bears are starving because they need many calories to survive. The icebergs are melting which forces bears to use huge amounts of energy by moving long distances to get to remaining ice. This makes it incredibly hard for them to find seals, which are their primary diet. The melting ice makes them burn more energy than they can gain.

Climate change has also worsened hurricanes in these recent years. They do this by warming up the surface of the sea. This causes an increase in wind speed and more rainfall. This can lead to a more catastrophic impact.

In response to the Trump Administration, a new program called The Green New Deal is trying convert the current economy to a more planet friendly one. This will help slow down the climate change. The Trump Administration lessened the budget of the EPA which makes it harder to pass laws that help the environment. The Green New Deal will help the EPA make more laws that help the environment.Also, in Poland, there is a conference going on that can help make international laws to promote things to help the environment.

Global warming is a very progressive issue. We can slow it down by using solar panels and other things that are environmentally friendly. This will help us sustain the environment and keep the Earth in a functional state. We need to watch what we do to the Earth.