Gardening Grandma Gets Bitten By Bug, Loses Limbs

 By Mario Navarro
gardening grandma.jpg

68 year old Susan Buttery of Wiltshire, England, lost both legs and her fingertips on both hands after being bitten by an unidentified bug, while gardening in her yard. She was given medical attention immediately and she was hospitalized for eight months afterwards. According to Buttery herself, she says she went under 60 surgeries during her stay at the hospital, while spending an additional three weeks out of those eight months in a coma. Right after she was bitten, doctors diagnosed her with Group a Streptococcus, which is a bacterium often found in the throat and on the skin. People may carry Group a streptococcus and have no symptoms of illness. 


According to Fox news, Susan Buttery said, “I had flu-like symptoms and I was vomiting, so my husband Richard rushed me to the hospital where they were supposed to keep me on overnight,” she told SWNS. “Richard came back the next day to see me, but they had put me in an induced coma in ICU. The consultant said to my husband: ‘You’ll be lucky if your wife is alive on Monday.’ But I’m still here.” 


Group a Strep bacteria can be spread through droplets that become airborne from coughing or sneezing or contact with mucus. The droplets may land on an object that a person later touches, but if the skin is infected, the bacteria can come in contact with a spot of skin that has an open wound, scrape or bite. When the bacteria enters the body, it can cause infections such as necrotizing fasciitis and Toxic shock. Toxic shock syndrome is a fatal condition, very rarely occurring in every 20,000 people, mainly in women. Necrotizing fasciitis is also a very rare condition. It is a flesh eating disease that can cause the death of several parts of the body's soft tissue. Symptoms overall may begin first as flu-like ailments, as was the case for Buttery. 


Buttery told the news outlet, “When they said they had to take my legs, I just talked to myself, ‘Well they’ve got to go otherwise I’m going to die and I just wanted to try to get back to as normal as possible, as soon as possible,”.  Buttery received support from her family and added: “I was very determined by the fact that I have grandchildren as well, that I used to care before I got all this happen, I still wanted to do things with them and they accepted me as I am and helped me along the way as well, with different things or in general.” Despite the incident, Buttery said she still loves gardening.