Younger People Lonelier Than Ever Before

by Bikram Bains

During these past people spent time with friends and family. However, more and more people don’t really have someone to spend time with.

    It’s been commonly known for a long time that the older you are, the lonelier you get. This is due to low energy, sickness, and old friends that are not around anymore. Children of older people also tend to leave their parents alone in nursing homes. This makes them feel alienated from even their own families. However, with new information, scientists have realized that this isn’t true. With more experience in life, the older generation is socially smarter than younger people with little experience.

    A study by George Mason University has found that 33% of people under 25 feel lonelier than past generations. Another study by George Mason University has found out that only 11% of adults over 65 feel the same way. A reason for this is that young adults are still navigating social situations and finding out where they belong. This has been supported by scientists who have found out that loneliness peaks in young adulthood. A lot of this loneliness has also contributed to frequent social media use. In the Montreal school area, a study was conducted by the university concerning social media use and feelings of depression and loneliness. Students who used social media more often reported more feelings of loneliness, whereas those who used less social media felt better.  

    Loneliness isn’t something you just have to endure, you can take steps to reduce how lonely you feel. One major way is to take control of your life. Instead of sticking to a routine you have been adhering to for a couple of years, try something different. Go to that dance, game night, or an outing with your friends, instead of staying at home. Just a simple change like that can make you feel much better than before. A simple way to avoid feeling lonely is by changing your social media habits. This doesn’t mean that you have to cut out social media completely but just use it in a different way. Older people, for example, use it to communicate with others and to strengthen the bonds that they already have. If you start limiting your time a little bit and start talking to others it can greatly impact how you feel.