Cats and Dogs In History

by Joseph Padilla
Cats and dogs.jpg

Cats and dogs have been friends with humans for more than 10,000 years. The first dog was alive more than 31,000 years ago. While with cats we're not completely sure, but evidence points to their existence since Egyptian times Both cats and dogs were praised by the Egyptians around the same time. Dogs were beloved for their ability to protect humans and hunt, while cats were praised because they were believed to be magical and brought good luck to people. That is why the Egyptians built statues of cats and also had a goddess that was a cat; she was named Bast. They also had a god that was a cat, named Anubis. Cats originated from the East, Africa, and Europe and are related to tigers, lions,cougars since they evolved from the wild cat. There are a significantly only 55 known breeds of cats, but the most popular breed in Egypt were the Egyptian Mau. They were kept as pets just like today.


Dogs also originated from Europe and east Asia. They  are descendants of the grey wolf. All wolves evolved into  dogs and were split into different breeds. Some dogs are more related to wolves then others, such as the kugsha, the husky, Alaskan Malamute, and the german shepherd. There are currently over 300 breeds of  dogs. But only four known breeds were used by Egyptians. Basenjis, the English mastiff, greyhounds, and salukis are some of the breeds mostly related to wolves. Dogs were mostly used to assist people in wars. They were used in World War one and World War two. More than 20,000 dogs were trained before World War one. They helped find injured soldiers, search for booby traps and if needed, attacked the enemies. Even if cats weren’t involved in the wars, they still had a purpose. Their purpose was to hunt down rats inside trenches when there was food in the trenches.


Dogs are said to be more loved by people for their energy unlike cats, while some people like the calmness of the cats and prefer them over the dogs. And there’s a small group of people that like both of them because of their bond. Today cats and dogs are beloved and are very loving with humans, which is why people love them. This is the history of the purpose of cats and dogs had and continue to have with humans.