What’s going on with Antonio Brown?

By Dhiraj B
antonio brown.jpg

Antonio Tavaris Brown has been the topic of much controversy due to his actions off the field. Brown is a wide receiver in the National Football League and currently a free agent, meaning he is not signed to a team at the moment. He is a very talented player, and has led the league in receiving yards in 2014 and 2017. The reason he is not on a roster is not due to his lack of talent at playing football. It’s simply because of his lack of maturity in his actions outside of playing football. He has threatened to quit football, misses practices, verbally threatened his general manager, and has sexual assault allegations.


This season the NFL is enforcing stricter helmet guidelines for use in practice and games. They have partnered with their player association to make a team of bio-mechanical engineers. They have been testing helmets and labelled them according to the level of protection provided. They range from green, the best helmets, to yellow, to red. Many more players switched to safer helmets after this information was released, and concussion rates in the NFL lowered.  After taking back his threats of quitting football, Antonio Brown has threatened the league with civil action if he gets injured in the new gear.


Even though Brown does not get to use his helmet of choice, he should not be missing team practices. He has missed two practices with the Oakland Raiders and was fined. Brown has taken to Instagram to complain about this, posting a picture of the letter with additional commentary, “When your own team want to hate but there’s no stopping me now devil is a lie. Everyone got to pay this year SO WE CLEAR.” Missing practice is not the only negative thing he has done off the field. While Brown was on the Raiders, he had a verbal altercation with Mike Mayock, the general manager of the Raiders. 


Brown was  promptly released after he was fined, and then signed to the New England Patriots. He had played one game in which he had four catches for 56 yards, and 1 touchdown. Brown was accused of sexual assault by a former personal trainer. Britney Taylor alleges that Brown sexually assaulted her twice in June 2017 and once again in May 2018. He has also supposedly sent threatening texts to another woman, who accused him of making unwanted sexual advances. Shortly after, the Patriots dropped Brown from the roster. 


Antonio Brown’s career has recently taken a rocky turn. He has only played 1 game this season, and is not on a roster at the moment. He is a very talented player, but sadly does not conform to the rules of the league and teams. His actions, such as missing practice, threatening his general manager, and getting sexual assault allegations, have all led to this moment. It is unlikely that Brown returns to the NFL.