The Uprise of the Golden State Warriors 

By Marcela Ceballos

The continuation of the “Splash Brothers,” aka Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, and the greatest of all time (G.O.A.T) known as Kevin Durant has ended. Klay Thompson tore his achilles in the 2019 finals against the Toronto Raptors, and will presumably be on off season until he recovers from his injury. Durant chose to leave the Warriors and decided to join the Brooklyn Nets in the East because he felt it was time for change and felt exclusion. Anything else? Oh yeah, Andre Iguodala was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies, DeMarcus Cousins became a free agent and transferred to the Los Angeles Lakers, and Shaun Livingston retired. It may seem like everything is falling apart for the Golden State Warriors, but you are wrong, the National Basketball Association (NBA) team has been strategizing and analyzing gameplans and plays to beat out the odds of losing next year's championship. 


With the disintegration of the unbeatable team of the Warriors, many of the current team players have a lot to say about their new recruits and comebacks from the finals. For example, Draymond Green had a lot to say when asked about how he feels with the new alternations of the team. Green finally opened up about his opinions to the press after the camp that began a couple of days ago, The Mercury News quoted Green saying “This seems to be a pretty smart team. There’s not really any idiots. You know, some teams, you got some idiots.” Green made a smart remark about how other teams now draft and trade sophisticated basketball players from their teams and to others. He also mentioned that he has been trying to adapt to the new team with new players, and more patience that is required due to the new players. Since many of the initial players changed to other teams, and others are recovering from injuries, the gaming environment has changed and new loyalty between the players needs to grow.  Indeed in an article from The Mercury News, Green also talked about how he is still getting used to the new location where he works and all the minimal stuff that fans don’t really see. He finally ended the interview by stating: “Just trying to figure my life out. Moving, where to go to beat traffic. I feel like a rookie all over again.” For some people, change can be good, but for others it hits home respectfully due to all the memories created with old teammates in the past. 


Uniquely, Stephen Curry also had a say in the new challenges and obstacles he and the team will have to go through. As a player, losing his Splash Brother, Klay Thompson for this season will be challenging until Thompson recovers from his injury. Curry has had the opportunity in helping his coach, Steve Kerr, in training and helping the new players from the team. On ESPN, Curry was really ecstatic about the new team and mentioned in an article saying; “The chemistry will develop quickly. We'll be really purposeful about that and trying to set the tone for how we're going to play this year,". The two-time MVP also showed signs of anticipation for the expectations of this new season and the comeback of Klay Thompson when he recovers from his injury. 


In the long run, with new recruits and without the presence of the already existent team mates, the Golden State Warriors have been training to strive for the disappointment of those who do not believe in them. They are putting in their dedication and patience for huge success. This new season with new recruits will create a better strength in numbers!