Clean Meat

by Joseph Padilla
clean meat.jpg

This unprocessed meat is going to change the world. Meat comes from the animals in a different way than it usually does. To make meat, scientists figured out that they can take one cell from the animal and feed that cell so it can reproduce. After a while, the cell  reproduces and is now a piece of meat. This meat has no chemicals, diseases or germs, like the meats we are eating today. This can possibly end world hunger and save animals. If clean meat is successful, it will make us healthier and the environment healthier,  it will also be easier for humans to get access to food. People would no longer die or get sick from meat and their won't be anymore slaughterhouses. Jason Matheny, the creator of clean meat started in the early 2000s, and is an author on of a new article about new harvest and cultured meat. He decided to create meat without antibiotics or diseases.


In 2013, matheny revealed how he can make a patty without killing the animal. He simply took a sample cell from a cow and fed the cell. The cell slowly grew until it was the size of a patty. He later cooked it into a burger. This is good for us, but comes at a cost, literally. The process takes 2 years and is $325,000 to make. When people found out about the meat they wanted to be part of it. Matheny then needed names for the meat and started off with cultured meat, cell based meat, and the most popular one, clean meat. The popularity of this “clean meat” has gotten bigger during 2018. By 2019 people will know of clean meat, as the best new development of the meat industry   2021. The meat is said to be in stores by 2021.


Clean meat is going to help us save more food, water, animals and the humankind. We eat 26 billion pounds of meat each year, while eight million animals are killed every hour each day. Clean meat can change all of that just by taking one cell of any animal. Clean meat is our next step to survival and how we can change the world in many different ways.