Effects of Crime Shows on Viewers

by Monique V
crime shows -monique.jpg

There are many crime shows on television and a lot of people love to watch them Watching these shows can makes you more afraid or you will feel as if you need more protection. However, they are unrealistic and more gruesome than real life,  this makes viewers more paranoid when they are a victim of a crime. Some people are different and may not be affected by these types of shows, but others can be.

Something called the CSI Effect, which is the exaggeration of forensic evidence which can cause people to believe on television. Viewers also believe, it will be the same way in a real-life case. Being a juror on a case is a big responsibility because you are deciding if someone is guilty or not, but your decision can be affected by the forensic evidence you see on television and in court. You believe since a certain action happened on television, it should happen in the same real-life case, but the cases on television are far more exaggerated and could jeopardize the verdict. Some people can be affected by the CSI Effect, but not everybody.

Watching crime shows can be addicting, but when watching too much of a gruesome show it can make viewers paranoid. When you start to feel paranoid or you feel the need for more protection. It can lead to people wanting handguns or pocket knives, and if you mistakenly hurt somebody you can end up in jail. Especially when you are a victim to a crime and see these awful events on television you could think that something else might happen to you.


Another study shows how TV crime exposures can affect children. On the Web of Conference website they stated that “Few longitudinal studies, many static observational studies, and numerous experimental studies indicate that TV exposure (violent content) is related to antisocial behaviour in children. Huesmann, Moise-Titus, Podolski, and Eron  found that children’s TV viewing containing violence is significantly correlated with later aggression.” These shows can really affect a child when he or she gets older.

These types of traumatic shows affect everyone differently and it’s still okay to watch criminal type of shows. People know how much they can handle and it can definitely affect younger viewers when watching graphic shows.