6 Ways to be Positive

by Amy Nguyen
6 ways to be happy.png

Living a positive life is not only a good mindset, but a lifestyle. If we have an option to be happy, why would you choose to be sad? Sometimes life has obstacles where we encounter, but with the right mindset, overcoming this situation is possible. Yes, we all have bad days, but they are never permanent, what you must do is move on from the past and focus on the positive. Here are 7 simple things to do for a positive life:

  1. Find Acceptance

Accepting yourself is the first step to live a positive life, being comfortable in your own skin is the only way to fully love yourself. We are all born differently, with different features, which makes us all unique. Not everyone is born perfect, we all may be insecure with our nose, mouth, hair, body shapes, but being able to accept your flaw and love it instead is the number one way to happiness.

    2. Cut out toxicity

When we surround ourselves with negativity, we start to think negative. Cutting toxic people from your life will help cleanse your life. If someone is discriminating against you, judging, bring you down, then it's time to let them go.


    3. Live in the moment

Many of us constantly worry about the past or future, but what we should focus on is the present. Overanalyzing something that happened in the past or predicting what's going to happen next won’t help; therefore, living in the moment allows us to be happy on what is in front of us.


    4. Avoid Comparison

From Instagram, Youtube, Twitter its really hard to not compare ourselves to others, whether it be from what they own to who they are. If you keep wanting, expecting, or hoping for something then you will never be happy, you'll continue to feel like something is missing.


    5. Keep Smiling

It is proven that smiling tricks the mind into being positive, therefore doing it a lot will help. A simple gesture like this can brighten another person, try smiling at someone. Did they smile back?


     6. Be kind

Doing a nice gesture for someone can make you feel better about yourself. Easy gestures that can brighten yours and someone else’s day is simply just smiling or complimenting.

As you can see, whether you are having a bad day, it’s the past we must move forward for better things. Remember in life we can’t control what life throws at us, but regardless we can control the life we live in. Being able to have a positive mentality will help you with the negative things life offers.