Millennial Revolution

By Penelope Remo
Millenial Revolution-Penelope Remo.jpg

A recent tweet by David Hogg a Parkland survivor and activist who has started the movement “March for Our Lives”said,  “The young people will win.” In this time of division March for Our Lives encouraged the young to vote by launching a nationwide voter-registration. This enabled teens as young as 16 years old to register to vote.Celebrities from Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Zendaya, and many more broke their silence politically and encouraged people to register to vote and to research their candidates. All having more than a million followers this impacted the minds of the young.

A survey from Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, discovered that 40 percent of the 18 to 29 age group would “definitely vote” in the midterm elections, in 2018. The most recent preliminary results by ABC reported that vote count increase by 11 percent compared to the 2014 election of 16 percent. This large growth was primarily directed towards the 18 to 29 age group. This is an approximate 118 percent climb from 2014. Historically, this is the highest midterm election turnout for young voters.

The spike in Millennial and Generation Z political involvement is greater than ever. Emmy-nominated actress Millie Bobby Brown is now the youngest UNICEF Goodwill ambassador. Brown said ,“It’s a huge honor to join such an impressive list of people who have supported UNICEF over the years. I am looking forward to meeting as many children and young people as I can, hearing their stories, and speaking out on their behalf.” Like many celebrity, Brown uses her global platform to help raise awareness for youth who do not have a voice. Another way celebrities raise awareness is through an organization by the name of HeadCount. They work with countless musicians to promote participation in democracy. HeadCount alone has registered approximately 80,000 young voters by having live music events featuring Chance the Rapper to Jay-Z.

This election Instagram Stories introduced the “I Voted!” sticker. Not only did this allow user to share that they casted their votes but it also showed where the viewers could find their local polling place through a link. As claimed by an Instagram representatives, over 1,000 people per minute poste the “I Voted!” sticker to their stories. Celebrities posted their voting stickers to inspire others to do the same.

We are the generation of change and doers! We will fight for what we believe in and what is right. Register to vote, it really makes a difference.