Hayward's Response to the Jazz

by Aldrich Domingo

Gordon Hayward is one of the most elite small forwards to ever step on the floor alongside Kyrie Irving. Before he left the Utah Jazz for the Boston Celtics, everyone loved him because he had improved so much that he became an All-Star player, causing NBA coaches to notice him. He knew that improving his game would later change his mind on the decision to leave Utah. He chose what was best for him, and signed with the Boston Celtics.

The Boston Celtics were happy with his decision, but some Utah fans hated that he decided to sign with them. Hayward knew it would be a rough start for him on a new team that would eventually be playing against Utah. On opening night, Hayward was up against the Cavs, and, within the first few seconds, Hayward was down and injured. He looked at his ankle, and thought his career was over. After the game, many people tweeted positive and negative vibes about his decision and his whole being.

This didn’t stop Hayward from fulfilling his career because, after a few weeks, he attended practice every day, with his personal trainer to get stronger so that once he got back on the floor, he’d dominate. But, for the meantime, he must move forward to improve and regain strength. Even now, people are still upset with Hayward, and many Utah fans have been saying that after the injury: “#KARMA”  That hashtag really gave the community a negative vibe, and it was unacceptable.

Gordon Hayward’s injury has surprised some and frightened others.

Once the season started, Hayward got back on the floor and scored 10 points to win the game. Hayward’s response was, “ I fully expect the Jazz fans to be on their A-game tonight, but before we play, thank you to everyone in Utah who supported me, especially during my recovery.” Hayward didn’t mind the comments he has been receiving, he’s been up to victory ever since his injury; he has a plan that nobody one expected and it’ll be a surprise. So later on in the season, just watch how he improves. and works the ball around, but all in all, he’s here to play ball and have fun.