Vlogger Dies After Being Set on Fire by Ex Husband on Live Stream

By Isabella Canale

Vlogger Dies.jpg

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Domestic violence against women is a major problem in China and after a Chinese vlogger died two weeks after being set on fire by her ex husband, over 70 million people have been discussing the problem and are demanding justice for the vlogger and other victims. The victim, who goes by Lamu, had almost 900,000 followers on Douyin (a Chinese social media site like TikTok). She gained her following by making cheerful videos of her underprivileged life in Sichuan Province of China.  The influencer was livestreaming in her home, when her ex husband, Tang, came in with a knife and petrol, then the screen turned black. Lamu was set on fire by Tang and was taken to the hospital by her family with her body 90% covered in burns. 


Her family explained that Lamu’s ex husband has a history of domestic violence and this was Lamu’s second attempt at divorce. Lamu had divorced Tang once, but was threatened by Tang to get back with him or he would kill their child. At the time of the incident, she was attempting to flee from him. He had visited Lamu’s sister’s house to find Lamu, but wasn't given any information and so he beat Lamu’s sister. Tang was detained for suspicion of intentional homicide.

Lamu’s family was able to raise over 1 million yuan in 24 hours for her medical expenses, when she was transferred to another hospital on September 17, 3 days after the incident. Millions of users on Weibo, a Chinese site similar to Twitter, are demanding justice for victims like Lamu and are joining the discussion. The Chinese government sees domestic violence in marriage as a private matter, and normally doesn't intervene, even though it's illegal. Chinese government recently denied a woman’s request for divorce in June, even after she provided video evidence of her husband slapping her in the face, dragging her by her hair,and punching her before she jumped off the second floor of a building to avoid the abuse. She took the video to WeChat, a major social media platform in China, and received support from users and was granted the divorce three  weeks later. An outcry for justice has sparked for victims of domestic violence, since it's underreported and normalized. Since the early 2000’s many stories of domestic violence have come out in China and in 2015, the first law against domestic violence was passed. Many were hoping we would continue in the right direction, but after China’s new regulation which requires a 30 day cooling off period for new divorcees, unless one spouse is guilty of domestic violence, it seems to be going the opposite direction. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, call 1 (800) 799- SAFE (7233).