Extinct Animals

by Joseph Padilla
Extinct Animals.jpg

There were millions of species alive before they went extinct. Now,  Millions of those are gone, but we currently only know that 1.9 million species are extinct. Two very popular species have gone extinct are the Dodo bird, and the Mammoth. Both of this animals died in the 1600 hundreds. The dodo in 1662 and the mammoth in 1650. Most mammoths died 10,000 years ago but the last small population of the species survived and lived for around 6,000 years and after most dod0 birds died. The remaining mammoths were called Wooly Mammoths. Their extinction was caused by global warming and poachers hunting them. The Dodo bird had no chance of survival, their habitat was destroyed, while they were getting killed by humans and predators. A more recent extinct animal is the Western Black Rhinoceros.

In just a 1oo years, 10 animals and 500 species have gone extinct and most were caused by humankind. As of right now, pandas are in danger of extinction, but thankfully their population is growing and has more than 1,800 pandas alive. Counting the ones in captivity, there are approximately 2,000 pandas in the world. Tigers are also endangered, their population was very low in the early 2000s and has now doubled. Now there are over 3,800 tigers in the wild, while there are 5,000 to 7,000 in captivity. There are currently three distinct species of tigers that have gone extinct; the Caspian, the Javan, and the Bail. All went extinct before the 2000s, with the Javan and Caspian tigers extinctinction being between the 1970's to the 1980's, and the Bali tigers going extinct 50 years before them. Their extinction was caused by poachers during the 1930s, while other species died from their habitats being destroyed. Animals that were saved from extinction were the Canadian Goose, the Gray Wolf, the Steller Sea Lion, and the Brown Pelican.  

Some might wonder how there can be can there be 5 billion if this article stated that 1.9 million were extinct in the beginning of the article. Currently there are over 10 million species of animals in the world and more than one million of them have been documented, meaning 86 percent haven’t. Most of the animals in the world are becoming extinct because of the humankind. We kill, destroy their environment, and take their food supply. In order for us to prevent another massive animal extinction, we have to save endangered species and other animals from poachers. While also preventing humans from destroying their environment and homes, such as trees. If we don't, there aren't going to be many animals in the world.