Bud Light Vs. Wildfires

By Jack Conner

Wildfires have raged across California for the past month, causing immense amounts of damage and destroying many citizen’s homes.  Despite the hard work firefighters are putting in to put out these fires, the fires seem to just keep spreading, burning down everything in their path.  This has forced many California residents to evacuate their homes, leaving their property in danger of being burnt to a crisp.  


However, one man decided to take a stand against the fires and protect his home against them.  That man’s name is Chad Little, and he lives in Vacaville, California.  When he heard that the LNU Lightning Complex fires were headed in his direction, he vowed to protect his home, which had already been burnt down five years ago.  Even though he was ordered to evacuate, Little stayed, and prepared to ward off the fires on his own (his wife and kids evacuated after the orders were given, since Little didn’t want to risk anyone else getting hurt).  However, on August 19, when the fires began to close in on his house, Little realized that the water supply he planned to use had been shut off.  Panicking, he began to do everything he could think of doing to defend against the fires; he raked dry leaves away from the house and readied half-buckets of water.  As the fire approached, Chad Little realized these measures would not be enough.  Desperate to save his property, Little looked inside his house for any source of liquid he could use to combat the fire.  The only thing he could find was a 30-pack of Bud Light.  After finding the beer, he rushed outside, and poked holes in the cans to spray the Bud Light on the fires.  Using the beer, Little was able to keep the fires at bay until firefighters arrived to help put the fires out.  When Little’s wife and children returned, they were welcomed by the sight of their still-standing home (although their carport and vehicles were burnt down).  


While Chad Little’s heroic efforts to defend his property may seem insane in the face of raging wildfires, his sentiment towards protecting his home from fires is understandable.  As of September, over one thousand houses burnt down due to the LNU fires (which itself is just one of many wildfires ravaging California right now), and at least five people have died.  Even though Little survived and saved his home, many property owners have not been so lucky.  The California government has issued evacuation orders for large portions of California and, with some of the fires being less than 40% contained, these orders will likely continue to come. 


Despite the grim reality of the dangers the California wildfires present, Californians still have hope that the damage will be contained.  Chad Little’s story provides just one example of a determined individual taking matters into his own hands, and there have been countless others all over California.  And while many houses have burnt down, they can be built up again.  Communities have banded together to rebuild their towns and cities after the devastation of these wildfires, forming a strong bond between each member of the community.  There is hope that these fires will be put out quickly, and that what Chad Little had to do to save his home will not be necessary any longer.