Introducing the iPhone XR

by Matthew Li
iPhone XR.jpg

Apple has released a brand new iPhone that is called the iPhone XR. It is a lower priced model of the iPhone XS and it is very similar to the more advanced iPhone XS and XS Max. Both models share the same A12 bionic chip, front-facing camera, wide angle camera, and speakers.


With all of these similarities, you might be asking what is the difference. Well the main difference is the price, the XR costs $250 less than the XS, making it a huge difference considering how similar the two models are. The screen of the XR has a size of 6.1 inches with a LCD screen compared to to the screen of the XS which is 5.8 inches with an OLED screen, making it pricier. Basically the resolution is a little less than 1080p, which means that it can’t fully play high definition videos and isn’t as high quality. This is where some people would choose the XS over the XR.


The XR is also slightly bulkier than its competitor. Its display has a border around it and is not as slim as the XS. Rather than a stronger, more expensive steel frame it comes with an aluminum frame. The XR also has more color choices such as, coral, blue, red, yellow, white, and black. While the XS only has gold, silver, and space gray.


The XR has two cameras, a front camera for selfies and a single wide-angled camera on the back, while the XS has another telephoto camera on the back for helping to zoom in. Unfortunately the XR does not have that telephoto lense. Fortunately, the XR is capable of taking beautiful shots in Portrait Mode. It also has a mode called Smart HDR, which allows you to take many pictures at different exposures.


The battery is drastically better on the XR then the XS. According to Apple, the battery on the XR will last about two to three hours longer than the XS. The reason for this increase of battery life is that the XR has hardware which requires less power than the XS. This is a major influence to why people would buy the XR instead. The XR starts at $749 for the 64 gigabyte version. Although it is a little pricey, it’s a great phone for its price range. So save yourself an extra $250 by purchasing the XR.