Introducing the Brand New iPad 11

by Dhiraj Bomma
I pad pro

    Some things we expect to happen every year, such as change in seasons, or the

holidays passing by. Every holiday season, we also look forward to the newest technology released by Apple. This year, Apple will release the newest iPad Pro 11 in Space Gray, and Silver. It has many improvements with the camera, display and the addition of Face ID. Will the improvements to the device justify the price of the iPad Pro, coming out on November 7th.

 The 11 inch Pro starts at a base price of $799, with the second generation Apple Pen priced at $129. The starting price listed above is for the wifi only model, with 64GB of storage. At the next increment of storage, with 256GB, would cost $949, followed by the 512GB model, at $1,149. With the most storage available, the 1TB model will set you back a whopping $1,549. If you are using the iPad pro for art, you may want a larger screen. The 12.9 inch models start at $999, and cost $1,149, $1,349, and  $1,749, respectively for the 64GB, 256Gb, 512GB, and 1TB of storage. You can also get cellular capabilities on the Pro for an extra $150.

 The new iPad features a much smaller bezel, and has gotten rid of the home button. This makes the iPad look more more like a bigger iPhone, just without the notch. The loss of the home button is a very welcome change.  As on the large device it can be difficult to reach the button. The Pro has a USB-C port replacing the Lightning Port. The Folio Keyboard for the Pro can be propped up in two different ways. It is similar to the Folio Keyboard on the older generation.

 The Pro also has many features meant for use with the Apple Pencil. The tip of the stylus is full of sensors made specifically to work with the new iPad Pro. They can detect force, tilt, and position. This means if you press lightly, it will make a thinner stroke, and if you press harder it, will make a wider stroke. If you like to write by hand, or draw you may want to consider buying the stylus at a price of $129.


 The 3rd Generation iPad Pro, coming out on the 7th of November, has made great changes to Apple’s iPad Pro. However, Apple made some changes that may not be well received. They have removed the headphone jack, similarly to how they did on the iPhone. Another issue is that the Folio Keyboard and Apple Pencil need to be purchased separately. Lastly, the old accessories you may have had will not work on the newer model.

We still need to see how useful the Pro is on a daily basis. We are also waiting for apps and programs to utilise the more advanced features of the Pro. Hopefully, the programs are able to utilise the new A12X Processor. At the end of the day it's up to the consumer to decide whether or not the changes to the Pro warrants the $799 iPad.