what Can Technology Do To Us?

by Raaghav B

Do you know how much time you spend on technology each day? The average person spends 11 hours a day listening or interacting on social media.Whether it be texting, calling, or checking social media, people spend so much time on their cellular devices. In a Harvard University study, about 92 percent of students in High School or College send text messages during class. That means that in every class one or more students are using a cellular device at a given time on a daily basis.


Technology comes with many benefits, such as communication and entertainment, but it is sometimes overused. For example, calls, texts, and social media all play a part on your phone.  According to the Washington Post, teens spend almost nine hours a day. Nine hours alone sounds like so much time, but people spend 12 hours on their phone each day on average. Nowadays children have mobile devices and it can sometimes affect their education. For example, texting and calling instead of face to face conversations are more common now than ever, which results in loss of social skills. This in some cases can cause depression and loneliness. Many people have developed the habit to stay on their cellular device when they are surrounded by people. Gamers are also prone to the same problem. According to KIdslox when someone is very engaged with video games, they cut off social life.While technology can be used for gaining knowledge, it’s also prone to cheating and plagiarism. Things like Apple’s screen time feature is great for limiting your use on your cellular device. The New York times has stated that, “plagiarism and cheating have increased according to an analysis over the past years.”


When the world has been so heavily surrounded by technology, the amount of privacy reduces. Bullying has increased because of the vast amount of devices that are available to everyone. For example, hackers have used their skill to get into people's personal accounts to gain information. One example of this was when Wells Fargo, a banking company, was hacked for countless numbers of credit cards. Many people lost their social security number, credit card, and a lot of their personal information. That information includes phone numbers, IDs, addresses, and more.


Whether it be for an elementary, high school, or college student, technology has its benefits, but also comes with multiple risks. Social life can be interrupted or even personal data can be confiscated, but technology gives us the ability to communicate with others and enjoy our lives even more.