Cancel Culture Cancer

by Keziah Arellano

Cancel culture: What a strange pair of words. What does it mean? When does it occur? Most importantly, who has been affected? To be canceled means boycotting someone’s social media and ignoring them in real life. Canceling happens when someone does something scandalous or has revealed something scandalous. The targets of canceling are always influencers and celebrities, mainly those who are hated by many. It might not happen always, but when it does, social media goes crazy. No one holds back from anything, especially digging up dirt and finding things this particular person has done in the past as well. 

Many celebs have been canceled, including Laura Lee, a YouTuber who does makeup tutorials for her now 4.5 million subscribers. A tweet from 2012 resurfaced and people were not happy about it. This tweet included the n-word. She ended up losing 80,000 followers in just one day. Celebrities have bounced back countless times from being canceled, and are finding new ways to gain more and more fans every day. Winona Ryder, for example, had multiple theft and drug scandals. She ended up taking a break from everything, including acting, to focus on herself. Now she’s in the Netflix original TV series, ‘Stranger Things’. Robert Downey Junior was canceled as well after being arrested multiple times and ending up in rehab. He decided he needed to get his life together, and now he’s the favorite of many Marvel fans due to his role as Iron Man. Britney Spears went borderline crazy when she lost custody of her kids to her ex-husband. She stooped as low as to attack the paparazzi with an umbrella. After that phase, she bounced back, and now her music is heard in almost every teenager’s room. Cancel culture is still nothing to be messed with. 

  Celebrities still haven’t learned from their fellow stars, and are continuously doing things to risk being canceled. Although they may be cutting it close, they’re still living and loving life (hopefully in a way that doesn’t hurt others). Cancel culture may be cancerous, but at least it only affects celebrities..or does it? Over time ‘canceling’ becomes a habit. Not only will people be canceling celebrities, but they’ll also be canceling each other. Soon enough it will become a norm to cancel your friends, acquaintances, or anyone that gets in your way. There could be more twitter fights, more arguments, everyone would be picking a side. Cancelling could well enough ruin social media and the society we live in and no one is doing anything about it. People will always be able to bounce back. Doing something good could possibly cancel out the bad choices they have made, but people aren’t the only things that may be canceled. 

           Businesses and corporations also have the ability to be canceled. Some (like Chick-Fi-La) try to control and destroy spirit. This is when canceling becomes a power move. It’s the people’s way of saying you don’t and cannot control them. Canceling slowly becomes power and this power becomes a stand. 

            People are being canceled every day, through social media and even in real life. It’s becoming something normal and it’s to be expected. Overtime canceling may fall to its death or maybe it won’t. For right now, it’s apart of our lives and it doesn’t seem like it’s leaving anytime soon.