Speech and Debate

By Keziah Arellano
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Kennedy High School offers many clubs, and one very important one is Speech and Debate. In the Speech and Debate club, students compete and are given opinions to affirm or negate. This club helps students build critical thinking and public speaking skills. Students can also compete in tournaments against other schools.

In 1925, Bruno Ernst Jacob founded the National Forensic League, which is now called the National Speech and Debate Association. The first national tournament was held at Ripon College in 1931, with 49 schools in attendance. Many members have joined over the years. In 1956, the National Forensic League reached 100,000 members. At the dawn of the new millennium, the National Speech and Debate Association reached 1,000,000 members. Also, the first international tournament took place in 2004 with 32 students from 8 countries. It is very clear that the National Speech and Debate Association is now very widespread. Speech and debate is popular all around the country, and now it is popular at Kennedy.

Kennedy’s speech and debate club has a great staff. It has two Co-Presidents, who are Ann Walia and Aathavan Senthilkumar. The Vice President is Bikram Bains. The secretary is Jacquelyn Lam, and Mark Haddad is the Treasurer. The whole staff is very helpful and welcoming to new students. They are very patient and help the students reach their untapped potential. 

Speech and Debate can benefit students in many ways. Students build their public speaking and can feel much more confident. Public speaking is needed for many jobs like politics, teaching, etc. Speech and debate also help build critical thinking skills which apply to daily life. A sense of responsibility is also developed after going to meetings and tournaments.

Speech and Debate is a club meant to improve on public speaking and practice high school debate form. In this club, the staff desire for the for the members to have fun and participate in tournaments. Speech and debate is a great gift to Kennedy.