How Effective is Distance Learning?

By Yuliya Eruslanova

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, our way of education has changed completely. FUSD agreed to try distance learning, also known as having school at home, using apps such as Zoom, Remind,Jigsaw on canvas and many more.There are pros and cons to this new idea of learning, due to each student and how they feel more comfortable learning. Even without the learning part, of school, many miss the feeling of having teachers and other students next to each other and talking in person.


  A freshman at Kennedy, Thiha Aung from said that, “School at home would be effective when done right and when the teacher connects with the students at a level where learning is fun.” Thiha also mentioned that “it's easier to focus on myself rather than anyone else, which makes it better for me, I don't really like other people or socializing in general, so I like staying at home to learn.  Another JFK student, Shaila Coloma also grade 9 pointed out how “It isn't the same as being at school which makes it harder to get some subjects taught well to where many students and I can understand them.” She also adds that, “it's upsetting not having people because it's a big part in highschool to meet new friends, teachers and other staff.” Abby Campos grade 9 says otherwise, “it’s pretty effective for me in a good way because I personally like to work alone and I like working from my bed.” Abby also said that, “It feels weird not to have teachers and students next to me. We don't get to talk to students as we could have easily done to get to know them better at school, and the only way to actually talk with others without a teacher is when we get breakout rooms which happen very rarely.”  


Some students have difficulty learning on screen and it becomes harder for them to understand and learn, Casey Jackson from grade 9 mentions that, “It's not the teachers fault it's more that it becomes harder for me to learn on a computer screen.” Another thing Jackson commented was about “missing the social aspect of school” and seeing his friends everyday. Jaiveen Singh says that “Distance learning isn't that effective because we can meet in person and have real life encounters with each other, and the teaching is complicated so I feel like we aren't learning efficiently.” “It feels really weird for me because usually i would be able to see my friends, also being social in school is a big thing since when we are at school we aren't there only for the learning part but to socialize with other students and create new friendships.” 


In conclusion, distance learning is different for every student due to the way they feel better to learn and understand certain topics. Not having real life confrontations with students and staff can affect the way they learn as well.