5 Reasons the Giants Should have went to the World Series

By: Lucas Guerra


The Giants are a major league baseball team based in San Francisco, hence their name: the San Francisco Giants. Currently, the Dodgers, Giants, and Braves are the “best” teams in the MLB, but I believe that the Giants should be the best. As a loyal Giants fan, I invite you to read along for five reasons as to why the Giants should have played in the World Series.

  1. The Giants’ Team


By far one of the greatest factors in the Giants’ success is their team players. They have some of the best players in all of the MLB: Brandon Crawford, Buster Posey, and Brandon Belt - to name a few. Brandon Crawford has exceeded his expectations in terms of both his offensive and defensive abilities. In fact, Crawford has even been nominated for the Hank Aaron award. Buster Posey is also an amazing player, being one of the best catchers with outstanding batting averages on the team. Last but not least, Brandon Belt is the team’s captain with a high batting average, and one of the best first baseman's in the entire MLB.


   2. The Giants’ New Coach: Gabe Kapler


There has been quite a bit of controversy over the new coach of the San Francisco Giants, Gabe Kapler. Former player of six different MLB teams, Kapler is the 37th manager of the San Francisco Giants. His experience is well acknowledged, as he coached the Phillies through the 2018-2019 season, and got them to 3rd in the NL East division. Although Bruce Bocce carried the Giants through two World Series wins, there is a similar and recognizable fate with Gabe Kapler. In his first year, he has already brought the Giants to 1st in their division. Kapler will be able to coach his way through any possible adversities in the future.


   3. The Giants’ Standings


The Giants received an amazing record in the regular season, achieving a 107-55 record, with around a 66% win rate — higher than any team in the baseball league. Along with this, their record for their at-home games is 54-27, a win rate of around 66.67%. Also higher than any other team in the league. Their on-the-road record comes in close with their at-home 53-28, and a win rate of approximately 65%. Nearly all conditions will be favorable for the Giants since they seem to deliver consistent wins - whether it be a home or away game.


   4. The Giants’ Offense/Batting Average


The Giants have an amazing offense, with Brandon Crawford, Buster Posey, Donovan Solano, and Brandon Belt. Brandon Crawford has been nominated for the Hank Aaron Award, which recognizes a player for their offensive talent. He is also included in the top ten hitters in the MLB. Buster Posey and Donovan Solano are both star batters for the Giants, with batting averages over .280. 


   5. Experience


Three main players of the Giants have already been to the world series - courtesy of Bruce Bocce - and know what it’s like to perform under pressure with millions of people watching. The team also has a handful of new players, and after the regular season, they definitely have the experience to function as a team, not individually. 


With all of these factors promoting the Giants, there is no doubt that they should have gone to the world series. I must say, many of the calls that the umpire made were off and definitely one-sided, but we will undoubtedly have better luck next season. Everyone on our team is phenomenal and will learn from their mistakes this year - meaning the Giants will make an unforgettable return. Watch out Dodgers!