Top 5 Book Recommendations

By Samantha Mier
picture of dorian gray.jpg

A late 18th century novel written by Oscar Wilde, it is his only book ever published. Primarily known for writing endearing and witty short stories Wilde gave something a little more different this time around. It is centered around 3 men, Basil Hallward, Lord Henry, and Dorian Gray, the main character. It discusses themes of vanity and youth in a new light that’s sure to catch a reader’s attention. Dorian’s inevitably fall into self absorbed madness will always prove to gage a reader’s interest.

Despite the simplicity of the writing this novel proved to be much more than that.

Written by the unconventional J.D. Salinger, The catcher in the rye is without a doubt a cult classic for a reason. Much of the novel's duration takes place in Holden’s thoughts (the main character) ; it provides something more distinct and original compared to other novels. I certainly don’t recommend it for everyone especially since it’s a bit convoluted during the first read, however it’s an enjoyable read nonetheless.

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No longer human.jfif

While it’s most certainly not an uplifting novel it does venture deep into discussions of alienation and the struggles of growing up. The takes the author Osamu Dazai has on uncomfortable topics gives a sense of relief and relatability as he’s a victim to many unfortunate circumstances. The novel is obviously semi autobiographical with Dazai basing much of it off his own life experiences. It’s one of the few novels to touch me in such a way that I believe everyone should at least give it a shot.

A rather short read with much to offer in its discussion of different topics, such as sexual abuse, sexuality, mental health, and insecurities. The perks of being a Wallflower is a coming of age novel written by Stephen Chbosky, and it was his first novel. The story centers around 16 year old Charlie entering into highschool after being held back due to the death of a friend. He spends much of his time befriending Seniors at his school who assist Charlie in handling his struggles. Every chapter is a letter written to an unnamed character by Charlie, he believes them to be a trustworthy person capable of understanding his life problems. The book is very witty and appeals to pop culture from the 90’s making it fun to read.

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The bell jar.jfif

The novel has much to offer in its depiction of depression and the road to recovery. It’s main character Esther is sardonic in her humor and is painstakingly relatable at times. The author Sylvia Plath is very poetic and this is the only novel she wrote as she mostly focused on poetry inside. Her prose is very delightful to read throughout the novel. Unfortunately the novel is outdated in some instances, and by outdated I mean racist. It had much to offer in writing and themes and it’s just not a novel for everyone.