Sky High Gas Prices

by Katerina Yakusevich

With gas prices hitting record highs in the past few weeks for California citizens, the question of why has been on everyone’s mind. Oil has never gone up so high so fast, with a staggering $4.10 per gallon, and many are speculating that it has something to do with the recent attack on Arabian oil factories, which provide California with 20% of its oil. But that surprisingly isn’t the case. 

    We’ve all heard about the Californian fires and the blackouts that have been caused by them, and we’re sick and tired of it. California has been known for its flaming infernos and devastating earthquakes, but never for its power outages. PG&E’s recent decision to cut power to some areas of the state due to potential threats of fire has only started occurring this year. These power outages have, unsurprisingly, affected several oil facilities that operate here. With weak and ineffective backup power, their oil production has been halted by a few days which prompts them to raise prices in order to make up for the loss. 

    Along with this, California has a high standard for its oil. The oil imported to us must meet these standards, so we’re very picky when it comes to choosing which oil is acceptable to use. For this reason, it's a lot harder to bring oil from out of the state or country, as we have already established who we want our oil from. California oil is $1.50 more than the rest of the country because of its quality, so we take propositions from other oil companies with a grain of salt. California has made it very difficult to get cheap oil, and with many factors affecting its cost, we might even see an even higher increase in gas prices in the upcoming weeks as the blackouts continue.