Period Club - Period Drive

By Ananya Rajeshkumar 
period drive.jpeg

Kennedy’s Period Club is a chapter of the Period Movement in which we teach our members about period poverty, women’s rights, and empowerment. Our goal is to inform and educate people about the difficulties that women face daily. We also consistently hold fundraisers and product drives where we raise money and welcome anyone interested in donating sanitary products. On Friday October 29th, in the spirit of Halloween, our club held a “Bloody Product Drive,” to collect and donate menstrual products during the holiday season. All the club leaders collectively had our members make posters to publicize this school-wide event! We also offered service learning hours to those who helped make posters. Over two days, we raised approximately 334 pads and 134 tampons. Additionally, people donated 184 organic pads and 65 organic tampons, allowing us to donate a grand total of 717 products! After the fundraiser, the officers and members sanitized  the products to follow  COVID-19 protocols. We plan on donating everything to women in need, especially to women who need these products during the holiday season. Overall, hosting these product drives, and occasional fundraisers, gives those who are in our club the opportunity to donate, give back, and provide to women who are homeless, in need, and underprivileged. In keeping with the spirit of our club, we are grateful for those who donated and supported our product drive!