Temperatures Are Rising And Glaciers Are Melting!

By: Sonali Dhaliwal

This month, the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), informed the world on the tragedies that may occur if we do not help save the world!

It is the fourth report in the last year to be published by the organisation, examining the impacts of the unfolding climate crisis. The past three mentioned setbacks regarding biodiversity, food shortages, forest management, and temperature rise.  This report, which will officially be released on September 25, concludes that the world must take caution of the way it produces and consumes many goods in order to avoid the worst ravages of climate change and environmental disasters. According to researchers, the damage will begin with glaciers. First, the glaciers will melt and cause floods, then glaciers will start to disappear causing drought.

 According to the IPCC, if there aren’t any cuts made to man-made emissions, we could lose nearly 30% of the northern hemisphere’s permafrost by the end of the 21st century. The draft report concludes that even with the most optimistic emission-reduction scenarios, by 2050, many low-lying cities and small island nations will experience ocean related tragedies every year. According to French news agency AFP, which said they had received a copy of the report, the document outlines a dreadful scenario in which the oceans are “poised to unleash misery on a global scale,'' with declining fish stocks and the melting of sea ice and glaciers.  Researchers are warning us that by 2100, annual flood damages are expected to rise by 2-3 orders of magnitude. Unfortunately, even if we are able to control the earth's temperature by 2C, ocean waterline level will still rise high enough to dislodge more than a quarter billion people. 

In 2015, scientists reported that earth’s two ice sheets, sitting on top of Greenland and the Arctic lost roughly 400 billion tonnes (metric tons) of mass. Earth’s average temperature has gone up by 1C since the late 19th century, and is bound to increase by 2-3C due to high rates of carbon dioxide. This has lead to the waters getting warmer, acidic, and more salty.

In early October, global leaders are planning to come together to discuss global climate situations and present their methods of helping the world. China, which is known as the biggest polluter according to Independent News, is making progress in creating ways to use renewable technologies. In India, the people are learning to depend on solar generated energy. Overall, the countries that are known to be the most polluted and unsanitary, are attempting to find alternative methods to not only prevent emissions, but ways to keep the world cleaner! If everyone works together, we are certain to find new and improved techniques to save us and the beautiful world.

Although scientists are beginning to lose hope and believe that there might not be anything we common people can do, everyone should still keep optimistic and not give up! There are many ways to help the world, some are as simple as turning off lights, throwing our trash away, and switching over to hybrid cars. No one should give up just yet!