The Water Crisis

By: Taneesh Kondapally
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The Last Well

Many things that are happening are unknown to the world, and something that everybody should know about, the water crisis, is sweeping the world! The water crisis is a huge issue in the world, yet almost nobody knows about it. The water crisis is the lack of clean water in many rural places in the world, such as Africa, Asia, and even some areas of the Americas. It is a solvable problem, but the fact that no one knows about it makes it a difficult issue to solve. Currently, over one billion people don’t have access to clean drinking water in the world, and we need to change that.


Solutions to the problem can be implemented. An organization called the Thirst Project helps people in Africa get clean drinking water by building wells in the ground to bring up freshwater for the people affected by this crisis. The organization is supported by many celebrities, such as Adam Sandler, Drake Bell, and the late Cameron Boyce. All of the money raised by the Thirst Project is raised through donations. For that reason, Youtube content creator Craig Thompson, professionally known as Mini Ladd, has done many live streams dedicating all of the donations of the live streams to the Thirst Project. Thompson is also on the board of directors for the organization. He has done two 12-hour live streams with a goal to raise $48,000. His fan base donated triple that amount. In total, he raised almost $150,000, which raised enough money for eight different freshwater wells in the Kingdom of Swaziland, and he went to Swaziland himself to help build the wells there.

Thompson said when speaking on this matter, “These wells will be around for generations to come, so in 40-50 years’ time, we can say, ‘You know, we may not ever meet these people, but we know that we helped another community out there in the world.’”  Thompson periodically does live streams for the Thirst Project and has some celebrities in the stream, such as content creator Jimmy Donaldson, professionally known as Mr. Beast.


In addition to donations to the Thirst Project, many other solutions are prevalent. One of the most important solutions is to properly recycle wastewater. A lot of water is wasted on a daily basis. If water is recycled, imagine how much water can be saved. Another important solution is to appropriately price water. It might not seem like that would help, but if the prices are higher, less water is wasted because people would value the water more and be reluctant to wastewater as well as money. For low-income households, there could be a method of getting affordable water. 


But by far, the most important solution to the water crisis is to educate people about the consumption of water to change their lifestyles and consumption. If no one knows that their water consumption can be reduced to save many lives, everyone will keep wasting water. If no one knows how to properly recycle water, people will keep wasting water. If no one knows, no one will change. Education will change that. With education, people will start reducing their water consumption. People will change their lifestyles. People will recycle water. People will change.


The water crisis is a big problem in the world. Billions of people don’t have fresh water. But there are solutions, such as donating to the Thirst Project, recycling water, having appropriate water prices, and being educated. You can help with a worldwide crisis. From something as simple as not wasting water to donating to the Thirst Project, you can do something. Please, help as much as you can. You can save lives.