MacBook Pro 2016

by Ammar Khan

In October of 2016, it was announced by Apple, Inc. that the MacBook will be completely redesigned. [LL1] This MacBook has the brightest, most colorful display. The all metal laptop will ditch MagSafe for a powerful USB-C port called “Thunderbolt 3” and physical function keys for a brighter OLED Retina display. The MacBook will come with 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports with a headphone port.  The Retina display will have 67% more contrast [LL2] than the previous version and has 25 more colors. The screen can produce more colors on the color spectrum which are now called, “wide colors gamut”[LL3] . In addition, [LL4] it will be more powerful and thinner than before. This new MacBook Pro has better graphics and [LL5] a 10 hour battery life. The camera will be a 720p Facetime HD camera.

This MacBook will be the first of its kind to ship with the Mac operating system with an operating system called, “Sierra”. Sierra will include Siri on the desktop, a new storage management tool, a new photos app, and Messages will appear on the Mac with bubble effects.

 This new MacBook has a new keyboard panel called “Touch Bar”. But, the MacBook will not have a top row due to the display strip. This means that the F keys, ESC, or a power button. The touch bar is basically a strip of glass has instant access to all the tools you use. There is Touch ID sensor built in the keyboard panel, it will be where the power button would be. Some ways you will be able to use the Touch Bar are: adjusting [LL6] volume and brightness, answering [LL7] FaceTime calls, turning [LL8] on “Do not disturb mode”, and using Touch ID on Apple pay. Also, in Photos you can scroll throught just like the Camera Roll on an iPhone. The Force trackpad is twice as large and the keyboard is four times more stable.

 Now, the most important thing, the speakers. The speakers have 58% have more volume[LL9] , a two [LL10] and a half louder bass, and a longer [LL11] range than the previous model. There will also [LL12] be three microphones built in into the MacBook.  So, you are now able to enjoy a movie with these new speakers.

As usual, the new MacBook will be coming out in two sizes. A 13-inch version and a 15-inch version both with/without the Touch Bar and Touch ID.  Include all colors.[LL13]  The 13-inch version will be three pounds lighter than its previous version, and the 15-inch version will be four pounds lighter than its previous version.  Both versions will have an Intel Core i5/i7 processor and a solid state drive that speeds up to 3.1 GB per second. The price will be costly but, it will be worth it.  You will get better speakers, better graphics, a thinner [LL14] notebook, and a new touch bar panel. I hope to see you all buy this new MacBook Pro in the future.